Why Do We Fight, Argue, and Hate?

There are some churches  in the world that argue about whether or not a musical instrument should be played in the worship of God on Sunday mornings–or whenever worship of God is conducted. I’ve been reading some of those arguments. I dislike them all for the same reasons. These are some thoughts I wrote concerning some of the arguments posted.

You know how Jesus wrote seven letters to the Churches in the Book of the Revelation? I got to thinking, what sort of letter would Jesus send to the church in the United States. I wonder what He would say is commendable about us and what is an abomination. I wonder what Jesus thinks of the ‘problems’ we have. I wonder why the church in the US has not been ‘counted worthy to suffer disgrace for the Name.’ Right now, 11:40 PM, I’m rather sad. I went to the NACC last year and I honestly thought that progress was being made on this issue of instruments and not-instruments. I thought people concluded it didn’t matter because both ‘sides’ could be used for His glory alone. I mean, does anyone realize that we have the greatest message in the universe to share with people and we are still arguing about instruments? It is mind-boggling, staggering, beyond comprehension that this is what we have made a test of fellowship. Sometimes I wish I had never gone to a Christian college–after all, it was there I had to take Restoration History and learn that this ‘discussion’ was even taking place. I often wish I was still in the bliss of ignorance because I, for one, am filled to the brim with grief that such a thing, such an argument, such a division, exists in the Body that Christ Jesus died for. I don’t think I even have words to describe how sad I am over this. And do I feel helpless? It’s almost like none of us have any idea at all what grace is all about or what it means or how it comes to us. Shame on us! Shame on us! I resolved to know nothing…except Christ Jesus and Him Crucified. Meanwhile, the thorns are pushed deeper, the nails cling tighter, and the spear is thrust harder–and satan laughs and laughs and laughs.

I think we need to get out of the way and let the Spirit of God conduct His business. I think God can and does use all worship for His own glory. I think it is time for us to get out of the ‘in opinions liberty’ business and back into the ‘in all things love’ business.

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