Kathy Griffen, homosexuality, and Jesus…Irony! *Updated*


Just for the record, I think KG is a complete moron. If she had anything intelligent to say, she wouldn’t be a comic, she wouldn’t be on the D-List, she wouldn’t be in Hollywood at all. If she were intelligent and had anything meaningful to contribute to the well being of America and her citizens, she’d be sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. So I’m not sure why you are reading this post. It is old. I have written better things about KG and her current comments. Try those instead. Either way, I hope that whoever is reading this post, will bother to read some of the other posts here and learn about Jesus–the same Jesus that KG mocks.

I’m a big fan of irony. So, when I came across this short article at townhall.com I was actually shocked by its sheer stupidity and ignorance. Not the writers or reporters of the article, but what the subject of the article (Kathy Griffen) had to say: “America has got very Jesus-y.  And you know Jesus … Jesus didn’t like homosexuals!”  She went on to attack American Christians saying, “Well these Christians, they gotta twist everything, its how they are, craaaazy fundamentalists!” (From townhall.com)

The irony in this is that there is a whole segment of church folk out there right now trying to prove exactly the opposite: That Jesus did love homosexuals–they even have the Scriptural justification to back it up!!!  And, since he did, there are clergy folk who officiate homosexual weddings, there are churches designed specifically for homosexuals, bi-sexuals, tri-sexuals, metro-sexuals, any-sexuals, there are homosexual theologians re-writing the New and Old Testament, there are openly and defiantly homosexual members of the ‘clergy.’ Ms. Griffen’s statements are either profoundly ignorant or surpremely ironic. I’m not sure which, but I’ll say this much: She doesn’t know much about the homosexual movement in the church in the United States. There are, to be sure, only a few places in the world where homoseuxality is more welcome and promoted as healthy, alternative, and acceptable than some supposedly christian churches in America. [And I am in no way, shape, form or other in support of such actions. The homosexual movement within the church and without is an abomination. The one within the church is surely doomed to complete failure and judgment when Christ returns. The Scripture clearly condemns homosexuality, indeed all forms of sexual perversity. The only sexuality the Scripture blesses is the marriage of one man to one woman, till death do they part.]

You can link here to read the entire essay: http://www.townhall.com/ref/griffin

You can find the entire interview here: http://www.pinknews.co.uk/news/opinion/2005-4537.html But I warn you there are parts of it that are not for younger readers and some with other sensibilities might be offended.

In this interview I think she’s trying too hard to appeal to her audience (the interview is at a homsexual news service web-site). She also displays a surprising amount of ignorance and bias towards those who believe differently than she does–the exact thing she condemns in those she disagrees with. What is sad is that there are probably a lot Christians who watch her shows and laugh at her. I don’t know how seriously to take her because she also says Madonna has become very British-y. Iron-y. [Christians are not above ridicule or jokes, but KG knows nothing of the church or the way the church functions or what the church means. Unless KG finds Jesus Christ or, better, unless He finds her, she is leading quite a meaningless life doomed to failure and eternal separation from God.]


11 thoughts on “Kathy Griffen, homosexuality, and Jesus…Irony! *Updated*

  1. I think she is talking the truth. I for one am a gay male and feel the way she does. Oh, also I think she is extremely funny. All the “christian extremest” in the world today are whats turning me off to religion, or should I say organized denominational religions.

  2. Stephen,

    thanks for reading. This is a rather old post that I had forgotten was even here. Nevertheless, you replied, so I thought I would do you the courtesy of responding, even if briefly.

    I don’t know what extremists you are talking about, but then again, no one ever said that we are saved because we like extremists either. We are saved because Jesus died for our sins on the cross and because we respond to His act. If you are ‘turned off’ by religion, well, frankly, who isn’t? I’m not calling people to religion, but to Christ. His demands are a lot higher than those of the ones you label ‘extremists’. Have you read the Bible? Jesus is quite extreme.


  3. Bob,

    Pinknews.com is hardly a conservative right wing propagandist site.

    This blog is hardly a conservative right wing propagandist site.

    All I did was report what she said and interpreted it. If you have an issue, post your issue, but please spare me the drivel about conservative right wing propaganda. There are no better propagandists in the world than liberals.


  4. I am sure the recent events of Mrs. Griffens commentary will raise interest in your article. In your original article, you state “The irony in this is that there is a whole segment of church folk out there right now trying to prove exactly the opposite: That Jesus did love homosexuals–they even have the Scriptural justification to back it up!!!”

    While I agree that Jesus loves homosexuals, just like he loves me. I wanted to know what you were using as “scriptural justification”.

  5. Paul,

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I didn’t say that homosexuals are justified in Scripture. I said there is a segment of the church that believes that. I certainly don’t believe that homosexuals are justified so I have no idea what you are talking about. The Scripture is clear: Homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of God. But there is a segment of very poor exegetes who twist Scripture to make it say what they want. That’s who I was talking about.

    What are you talking about?


  6. Jerry, I wanted to Thank you, and any one else that stands up for our ‘SAVIOR’ and ‘GOD’ !!! I am just sick of non informed people making rediculously insane remarks about the most loving person to ever walk the earth !!!Not to mention , did it and suffered and died to save us from our stupid selves , aswell !!!And as for the whole gay thing that is just getting beyond disgusting, it is true , Jesus loves the ‘Person’,who is gay and hopes they will repent and come to him, he does NOT, however, ‘love’ or even ‘tolerate’ !!! the sin they choose to wallow in , espesially when they go to the horrific extreme to try and teach inoccent children that this ‘CHOSEN SIN’, is natural and O.K.
    The Bible calls it an abomination ! Do you know what that means, To Loathe , a disgrace, repulsive !!!! I’d say from that description, that God is NOT Happy about it at all !! It goes against the design he made for man !!! Its like spitting in his face ! Think about that for awhile and cry out to God your selves and see if he doesnt convict you that what your doing is wrong ! Much Luck and Prayers to you all !!

  7. Kathy has not read her, or, anyones bible. If she had, she would have read that homosexuality is an abombination against Christ.
    Also, Kathy would not have given her acceptance speech, saying that her award was God, and that God was on her side to have given her the ability to accept that award.
    God is not the Award itself, but a reward FROM God for doing a spectactuar deed or an accomplishment. Kathy has done none of these.
    I used to watch Kathy all the time, as she was a good comedian, But will no longer watch her because of her comments wherein she thinks she is better than God himself.
    What a Sad, Sad, end to a great comedian.
    I will do everything I can to discredit her programs with my friends and family.

  8. Actually you are completely off the track.

    On one hand your assertion that christ did NOT love gays is wrong – because he in fact loved everybody – he died for my sins as much as he did yours. Neither has he ever been quoted as speaking out directly against gay people – or preached hate against anyone. It is later Christian thought which started to categorize and demonize all forms of sexuality and gender.

    From another perspective your assertion that the bible does not support gays is correct – because the bible has been altered and censored over time to reflect that. The original bible texts are no longer in print, but have been superceded by those the radical fundementalists prefer to use and keep in circulation through political pressure.

    Before you jump on my head calling me a conspriacy theorist, a liar or a vile “homosexual activist” and blasphemer – kindly check the following site and read the whole thing (Link Removed–ed)

    This to me shows the concerted effort of the religious right wing to keep GLBT in the corner of the oppressed minorities because we are so easily visible and the religious folk need a scapegoat to blame for their own issues just as the nazis blamed the jews for theirs. This is precisely what is taking place in Uganda at this moment. GLBT are a rallying point for the conservative religious machine.

    It is precisely for this reason that they denounce these findings because other than the blatant “biblical” lies they use to persecute us with, they have NOTHING else in their arsenal to support them. Science (and God it seems) supports us, not their irrational hate – and thus they have used their propaganda machines to twist both. Losing this would lose them their war – the same one they declared on us back in 1977.

    Happy reading.

  9. Christina,

    Your rant is nothing more than that: a rant. I have no idea what you are talking about. No one said Jesus hated anyone. No one said Jesus hated ‘gays’. No one said anything of the sort. But Jesus did make a statement against homosexuality when he affirmed that God created one man and one woman and gave them in marriage to one another.

    And you say you are not a conspiracy theorist? Did you forget your meds when you wrote this?

    Thanks for stopping by.


  10. How “surprising” to see that you removed the link I provided.

    What’s up? Couldn’t prove your point so you resort to censorship? How typical.

    Religious issues are always clearly open to interpretation – and life is not a fairy tale you can edit every time you see something that doesn’t suit you.

    At least while people can edit books, they cannot delete the truth.

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