Musings about Posts, Replies, & Scripture: A Challenge


 I have been posting here daily meditations on John’s Gospel for a couple of months now. These meditations have coincided with sermons I have been preaching at the church I serve. Very few people, as far as I can tell, have dared to read and post comments on these meditations. However, it is beautiful Irony that as soon as I started commenting about homsexuals and atheists all sorts of readers came crawling out of the woodwork (or out of the matrix) to comment on my thoughts. This proves one of two things.

First, it might prove that I have a few more readers than I actually thought I had.

Second, it proves that people are more interested in scandal, controversy, and defending their own indefensible positions than they are in an actual discussion of the Word of God. I find it amazing that all the atheists who have replied to my posts have been very concerned that I have challenged the meaningfulness of their faith. They think they should be allowed in churches to preach their gospel, they have insulted me, they have invited me to their webpages to read abou their thoughts. They think they have more of a right to be heard than I do.

Yet, not one of them has, despite all their efforts to have me be more open minded and understanding of them, not one of them has asked anything about the Christian Gospel, or been any more open minded than they have required of me. Not one has asked me about what the Bible says or bothered to engage my theological and biblical arguments for truth, Christ-exclusivism, or Scripturally warranted morality and righteousness. No, instead they have resorted to ridiculous comments like: Your logic cannot be defeated because it is a faith based logic and who can challenge ‘faith’ (as if faith were some meaningless, invisible string I hold on to with no credible historical witness).

So, here I’ll wait. I’ll wait for all the unhappy atheists who think they deserve a chance to be heard to open their own closed minds and engage me in a discussion of God’s Word and Christian faith. And takers?


PS–the same thought applies to homosexuals who wish to engage in a biblical discussion of the merits of their, uh, ‘position’ (no pun intended). But, let’s talk about Scripture and see if homosexuality or atheism or relativism or Islam or any of these affronts to the Gospel of Christ, and see if they stand up to scrutiny of God’s Word, logic, or the very nature of things.


  1. Joe

    “They think they have more of a right to be heard than I do.”
    Do you have something to back this one up? I would be surprised to hear an atheist say that.

    As far as the rest goes, religion isn’t very important to atheists. Would you sign up to be preached at by a Muslim?

  2. Joe,

    thanks for posting a reply. Of course religion isn’t very important to atheists, that goes without saying. Except for this: atheism is just as much a religion as theism.

    I don’t need to ‘back up’ my statement. Read the replies from the atheists who have posted at my blog.

    No. I wouldn’t ‘sign up’ to be preached at by a Muslim. Why would I? And what does that have to do with inviting an atheist to preach to a church?


  3. Joe

    “Except for this: atheism is just as much a religion as theism.”

    Not according to my dictionary: “the service and worship of God or the supernatural”

    “Read the replies from the atheists who have posted at my blog.”

    I’m not going to comb through all the replies to your blog looking for the place where you thought an atheist said this to you. If one did why can’t you just link me to it?

    “Why would I? And what does that have to do with inviting an atheist to preach to a church?”

    Which part of your post was inviting an atheist to “preach” at a church? If you mean that seriously you should ask Hemant. He’s experienced at that sort of thing.

  4. Thanks Joe, but I still have very little idea what you are saying. I think you are confusing several different conversations. But thanks for reading. (Oh, I have already been to the friendly atheist site. I’m not sure what else you hope I will learn from him.)

    thanks again,

  5. Joe

    I am only responding to this one. I may have read other posts on your blog but I don’t particularly remember them.

    This just struck me as a bunch of ad homs against atheists for no particular reason and with no support followed by a “challenge” to atheists to do something most atheists would have no interest in doing.

    But carry-on, I can leave you to your own devices.

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