A Trio of Important Stories


Here are some important stories you should read. The first concerns Christian intolerance and is found at:


The second concerns Christian lack of compassion and is found at:


The third concerns an important message for those in the church who are fed up with what the article calls ‘Burger King Christianity.’


As you can see by this trio of articles, Christianity is still an important aspect of human life. I find it strange that those who belong to the church in Iraq, those of faith…well, here’s the quote from the article:

“These positions often held by Western Christians are not held by Iraqi Christians,” emphasized White. “They are very, very different. My people say the Creed and they believe it. My people live a very upright, courageous and respectful life,” said the pastor who had 36 of his congregants kidnapped with only one returned in the past month.

I don’t think the American church can compete with this.

Except this man, from one of the essays, who gets it:

But there’s a cure for “mad” Christians, Galloway says. “The cross!”

Not the candy-coated cross, however.

“I really think that we have sugar-coated the Gospel and somewhat the prosperity Gospel because we want it to look so prosperous and so easy and it is easy living for the Lord, but the bottom line is Jesus said ‘Take up my cross and follow,'” Galloway says.

He believes the cross is left out many times in sermons because “people want to be more amused than amazed.”

“We’re competing with the worldly system,” the pastor says. “We want to not make people turned off by the Gospel message and therefore we don’t really preach about the blood.

It’s a novel idea. But it just might work. What will happen when American preachers become more enamored with the cross than they are with their egos and big buildings.

Some Saturday thoughts for anyone stopping by.


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