A Motive For Chri$tian$


I must thank Ingrid at Slice of Ladodicea for commenting originally on this story and linking to it. I would probably never find it if she hadn’t.

I never cease to be amazed at the church in America. I’m not a huge ‘social activist’ type of fella, but I have to wonder if this story doesn’t teach us how simply out of touch with reality American Christians are.


 Here’s the first couple of paragraphs, just to whet your appetite:

FOREST PARK – The growing Inspirational Baptist Church is planning a $20 million investment over several years on the former Surf Cincinnati property here.

This week, the church, whose congregation has grown from about 300 to 1,500 over the last five years, completed a $925,000 purchase of the 14.2-acre Surf Cincinnati site from Hoeweler Realty Inc.

The outdoor water park, which featured a wave pool and a variety of slides, closed in 2002. The property on Sebring Drive overlooking Interstate 275 has been largely abandoned. (BY MIKE BOYER

This is probably exactly what Jesus had in mind when he said: Store up for yourselves treasures on earth, and not in heaven where moth and rust destroy.

Meanwhile, the church in Iraq continues to be persecuted. Meanwhile the church in Africa continues to grow. Meanwhile, the Lord Jesus, who died for our sins, hides out in prisons, poverty, and hospitals. Meanwhile, the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.

God have mercy.



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