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Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:


A Little Leaven wrote:

Purpose-Driven Idolatry

Did Jesus die for your sins or did he die so that you can discover your purpose?

Hmmm… we’d wager that the people who would buy this cross would also be VERY offended by a crucifix that showed Jesus hanging dead on the cross. They would consider that to be an idol. But if that is true, then why is it okay to put the word PURPOSE on the cross instead?

That about says it all. I wish this were original with me, but it’s not. Anyhow, check out for an entire museum of such things as this. I have this site on my sidebar rss feed. You should check him out often. It’s often funny, and yet deadly serious.


PS–if you think the Purpose Driven Cross is bad, check this out. You won’t believe it:

It’s beyond absurd!


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