‘Religious’ Television Ban! It’s about Time Someone Said it!

Friends, You might find this strange, but I have been saying this same exact thing for a number of years now. I have typically said something like ‘televangelists are the worst thing in the world for the church.’ Well, here’s someone else who thinks like I do: Time for me to detonate a megaton nuclear… Continue reading ‘Religious’ Television Ban! It’s about Time Someone Said it!

More Homosexual Evangelism

There’s an old rule about enough never being enough. I think this is the case with homosexuals too. Here’s an interesting story about the Evangelical Lutheran Church: http://www.pinknews.co.uk/news/articles/2005-5131.html  8th August 2007 10:45 PinkNews.co.uk writer In a co-ordinated campaign of opposition to a rule banning lesbian and gay ministers from having sexual relationships, 82 Evangelical Lutheran… Continue reading More Homosexual Evangelism