A Brilliant Scientist Linked to My Blog


That’s right. He thought I had something important to say about the importance of evolution in our culture. Here’s a link to his spot:


You can read the comments that I left at his blog since he totally misunderstood the point of my original post.  I was nice to him since he was nice enough to link back here.


My friend Sprocket said: Scientist: “Trust us, we were wrong before, but you can trust that we’re 100% right this time, unless we change our minds again.”

PS–I guess even evolutionary scientists have to do some evangelism every now and then.

 If you want, you can hit this link for more information:


Isn’t it amazing how much information a scientist can come up with by merely looking at a piece of old bone? And yet, they can’t figure out a way to solve hunger, stop murder, stop the exploitation of women and children, create life out of nothing, curb global warming, eliminate the common cold, end poverty, get rid of congress, and a whole host of other serious world issues. Come one Scientists! Scientists Unite! Give the world what we really want: Meaning, hope, salvation, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, love, raison-d’etre, etc., blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. “Why drag [us] down in your misery?” (Axl Rose)

9 thoughts on “A Brilliant Scientist Linked to My Blog

  1. “And yet, they can’t figure out a way to solve hunger”

    Genetic engineering of crops is producing drought and famine resistant, high-yield crops. There is a large lack of political will to eradicating world hunger though, often spear-headed by governments run by men who profess their Christianity whilst spending obscene amounts of money on the military. Oh, and a lot of religious types complain about scientists “playing god” through this genetic modification.

    “stop murder”

    Well, scientists could start controlling minds, but I think a hell of a lot of people would object. Got to say, religion hasn’t done much to stop it, especially those murderers who kill in the name of religion. And there’s one hell of a lot of murder in the Bible.

    “stop the exploitation of women and children”

    There’s that lack of political will again. Oh, and the whole exploitation of women and children that a lot of religions around the world seem big on…

    “create life out of nothing”

    Give them another couple of months: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/06/28/nlife128.xml

    “curb global warming”

    Scientists have been warning us about global warming for a few decades now, and telling us how to curb it. Again, lack of political will, and one of the worst offenders on this one is a Western leader who makes a huge show of his professed faith… but then, I guess if the world is only 6000 years old, we can dismiss the evidence of millions of years ago that our current climate cycles are badly skewed, we haven’t been releasing millions of years of stored carbon dioxide over the course of a few decades, and the oil will never run out, as it doesn’t take millions of years to form. Hooray!

    “eliminate the common cold”

    Which common cold? Cold virus and flu are fast evolving, to the extent that you have a cure for one, there’s another two to cure. It’s a real hydra.

    “end poverty”

    Lack of political will. That whole “funding for guns and bombs is more important than eradicating poverty” schtick that most governments go in for. We have enough money that no-one should be poor. We just lack political will to do it.

    “Come one Scientists! Scientists Unite! Give the world what we really want: Meaning, hope, salvation, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, love, raison-d’etre, etc., blah, blah, yada, yada, yada.”

    Why not – the lawyers, politicians and religious have had a good few hundred years to try and haven’t succeeded…

  2. Paul,

    thanks for the comments. You have pointed out, once again, how profoundly confused you are on the whole subject.

    There is no global warming, and no consensus on the matter–there are other scientists who said in past years that the earth was cooling. Your’s is good conversation, but ultimately, nothing new.

    Thanks again.


  3. There is no global warming, and no consensus on the matter–there are other scientists who said in past years that the earth was cooling.

    I don’t think you know what the global warming controversy is even about. It’s not about whether the earth is in fact warming; it IS warming. It’s about how fast it’s warming and whether human beings are causing it.

    As for your post, you seem to misunderstand what science is. Science isn’t just a collection of theories about why the facts we know are true. The sciences also have predictive power. We can make inferences from our theories and discover new facts. A theory that can’t do that is simply conjectural. For instance, Einstein predicted gravitational lensing, orbital precession, and other physical phenomena well before we ever verified them experimentally. And he did all of this with a bunch of mathematics and a little ingenuity.

    His theories didn’t just explain the facts we knew then, they predicted new facts we hadn’t verified or even imagined yet.

  4. Jon,

    Thank you for your brilliance. Thank you for pointing out to me that I have no idea how to read, write, or otherwise. I’m so glad that you could stop by and help me out because otherwise, folks who read my blog my think I am a crazed lunatic without any evidence to back up my statements. I am so lucky to have you.

    As to global warming, line up your scientists, I’ll line up mine. There is plenty of activism by hollywood types and al gore types. But that doesn’t prove that the earth is ‘warming’ to the degree that you are suggesting.

    Oh, thanks for enlightening me as to what science is. The world is a better place now that you have arrived to clear it up!

    Why is it that every evolutionist who visits my blog, through no invitation of mine, seems to feel the overwhelming urge to point out all the things I don’t know, and then explain it to me better. Jon, I actually went to High School, College, and Seminary. I know what science is.


    ps-thanks for reading and replying.

  5. Jerry, it’s interesting how you proved my point.

    In your previous point you said there was no global warming. In this latest post you said, “But that doesn’t prove that the earth is ‘warming’ to the degree that you are suggesting.” Which means you think it’s warming, just not to a very large degree.

    It’s also interesting that I never suggested to what degree I think the earth is warming in my last post. Not once. Which makes your criticism in that vein quite odd, to say the least.

    I know what science is.

    I guess I’ll have to take your word for it.

  6. Jon,

    Thanks for replying again. If I phrased my response incorrectly, I apologize. I watched the PGA Championship today. The heat index was 110 degrees. It was over 100 degrees (F) all four days. In my state today, I doubt it got out of the 80’s. I went to a state park yesterday where there are caves and rock formations. At one point we went into a cave that was easily 20 degrees cooler than the rest of the park. And this is no deep, dark hole in the ground. It was more like a rock ledge. (I’ll be posting some pictures of our trip some time this week. You can see what I mean.) Of the course the earth is warming. And then at night, when the sun goes ‘down’, it cools off again. Then it warms up the next day as the sun ‘rises’. Then when winter comes along it ‘cools’ off for many months. Look, there is no scientific consensus on global warming. It is a plank in a politicians platform. It is something being used by Al Gore so that he can be remembered as someone other than Bill Clinton’s lackey, someone other than a failed presidential candidate, someone other than a meaningless, mindless, robot politician. What, I’m supposed to believe in Global Warming because Dave Matthews or Eddie Vedder says believe? OK. It’s the sun! It’s a cycle the earth goes through every so often. Back in tehe 70’s they said the earth was heading towards an ice age. Come on, that spurrious science at best, and meaningless drivel at worst.

    Thanks again for reading.

  7. Ide,

    Thanks for stopping by. This is an old post, but in recent days scientists who do not accept the global warming mantra have intensified their position. More and more evidence is coming to light to suggest that global warming is a complete, utter hoax and lie perpetrated by Al Gore and others. Only those people in the general population who are uninformed are being persuaded by the rhetoric. Those of us who read and study are quite certain that there is no such thing as the sort of global warming for which Al Gore just won a Nobel Prize. And others of us are convinced there is no such thing as the catastrophic global warming others are ‘warning’ us of. And still others are convinced there is no such thing at all and no amount of rhetoric and fear-mongering is going to alter that view.


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