Atheists Lose A Small Skirmish in Detroit


Well, things keep getting worse and worse for atheists around the country. First, some scientists decide that certain bone fragments rather disprove one certain aspect of evolution (not the entire theory, so please, evolutionists, don’t get all fired up). Actually, it didn’t ‘disprove’ anything as much as it simply caused scientists to once again rework the theory of evolution. Darwin must be happy.

Now atheists have a lost a battle in one of the forums they typically own: A Federal Court in Detroit, MI. Here’s an excerpt:

Court Rules Against Atheist Group in Church Funding Battle


Ethan Cole

Christian Post Reporter

Thu, Aug. 09 2007 02:21 PM ET

 A  federal court ruled Wednesday against a national atheist group that filed a lawsuit against the city of Detroit for pledging to reimburse a church for property improvements.

“Churches cannot be treated as second class simply because they are religious institutions. They have the same right to reimbursement for physical improvements as all other entities have,” said Dale Schowengerdt, a counsel for the Christian legal group Alliance Defense Fund, in a statement.

Well, that’s too bad. I’m sorry. I really do have compassion for my atheist friends. Usually the courts work for them. Not today.

“Despite the cramped interpretation of the First Amendment by the American Atheists, reimbursing churches for non-religious purposes is not an establishment of religion, just like reimbursing a secular business is not an endorsement of the store or its products,” said Schowengerdt.

Well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board. I wonder what they can waste tax-payer dollars on next? Oh, how about, suing churches for building on property where an empty space would be more appropriate? Oh, how about, suing a church for using the English language to talk about God? Or, how about, using the same money that atheists use?

Of course I’m being absurd. But shouldn’t we be absurd when we talk about absurdities?

I for one am glad atheists lost this small skirmish and had to waste their own money while doing it. But I am not foolish enough to think this is the only battle they will wage. There’s more in the works. Some they will win; some they will lose. But the one enthroned in heaven laughs at them. So should we.


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