A Thought on Death

“Hence the real point of death is no longer parting from, but home-going to. As death is deprived of its sting and poison, as it is no longer a personal fulfillment of God’s wrath, it is only a biological mask that has no bearing on fellowship with the risen Lord.”–Helmut Thielicke, Living With Death


  1. Jerry. I love this quote. Do you have a page number for us?

  2. Jason,

    Yes. 161.

    BTW, I love your blog. I have benefited greatly from your insights on Forsyth. He was and is absolutely brilliant. I’m currently reading his short book on prayer and The Cruciality of the Cross. Like you, however, I’m typically reading more than one book at a time, so the reading is somewhat slow. Nevertheless, I have grown to love his writing for his deep insights into the atonement, the Cross, and, not least, for the sheer beauty of his writing. I appreciate all the work you do. Thanks.

    God bless,

  3. Thanks mate … for the page reference and for the encouragement.

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