I Wish…


I wish I was cool. I wish I were a trendy, hip pastor. I wish I had a cool haircut. I wish I could get ‘pumped’ when God ‘rocks the house.’ I wish I wore really hip, styling shades and all the latest, up-to-date fashions. I wish I was cool.

I wish I had a creative mind. I wish that when I sit down and pray out a sermon series that I could come up with something a little more interesting and inviting than 90 Days With Jesus: A Summer Long Exposition of the Gospel According to John. I wish I could.

I wish I had really nice office furniture in my study. Instead, I have a collection of cheap book shelves from Wal-Mart, an old desk someone donated, an old table, and another old computer table that someone donated. I wish I did.

I wish I had a thriving counseling ministry and that people flocked to my office several days a week asking me to help them deal with their latest crisis. I wish my opinion were sought and valued a little more than it currently is. I wish it was.

I wish I cared.

I don’t fit the mold of the modern (or postmodern pastor). I just, well, don’t care about that stuff. That’s why I’m not really very good at this located pastor stuff. I read an excerpt from a blog tonight from another preacher. He’s fired up about his new furniture being delivered early. I saw books at the ‘Family Christian Store’ today, written by the hip pastors of this generation, and thought to myself, ‘What a waste of time.’

I don’t want people flocking to my office all hours of the day asking me for advice on their latest crisis. I’d rather they flock to the worship on Sundays, hear a well developed, Scripturally sound, Biblical, theological, exposition of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and figure out how to deal with life on their own. I have enough trouble trying to solve my own problems, let alone try to solve other people’s problems. I guess I don’t need that stroke of the ego.

I don’t wish to be cool. I have a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, some bummy $25 Tom McCann’s from K-Mart, some of the same ties I had in college (12 years ago), and the same old shirts that I’ve worn for several years. I’d rather buy a book than a house (I still live in a parsonage). I shave my head–I detest barbers and hairstylists (for reasons I have explained at my other blog). I’m just not cool enough to fit into the current mold of the preacher. I still think it is necessary to use words like sin, blood, repentance, judgment, hell, heaven, forgiveness, grace, sovereignty, mercy, propitiation, redemption, reconciliation, teleology, truth, justification and the like. I still think people shouldn’t have beverages in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. My 1999 van has over 100,000 miles on it and I plan on driving it until it won’t go another inch.

I’m uncertain about the sermons. Sometimes I wish I could be ‘hip’ and preach sermons with titles like, “10 Sweet Ideas Frodo Taught us on the Way to Mordor” or “2007 Reasons Jesus will come back in 2007,” or “How to Get Rich or Die Trying, and Still Manage to Marry a Really, Really Hot Chick Along the Way, and Raise Straight A Students Who Will Never Get Tattoos.” Instead, I’m rather dull. Rick Warren would hate my Sermon titles: Jesus is Crucified by Men, Jesus Resurrects from the Grave, Jesus is the Only Way to the Father, and things of that nature. I’ll tell you what though, I have listened to a certain preacher from down south, and I don’t know how anyone can sit through 30 minutes of his mindless blathering.

I honestly don’t have enough time to sit around and come up with the sermon titles some preachers come up with. I wish I was cool; I wish I cared about it enough to change. Well, maybe there is a place in the world or preaching for dinosaurs like me who still think its enough to let the Word of God have center stage so that I don’t have to. I’d rather be a jar of clay than a Ming vase. I know what Scripture says God does with jars of clay.

Alas, I confess, I am not a cool preacher. I’m not a faster pastor. I’m not a naked pastor. I’m not an emerging pastor. I’m not a mega-church pastor. I’m not a counseling pastor.

Dear Lord: Thank You for Blessing Me!



  1. Carol Price

    Boy that was a powerful sermon you just gave.You must remember its not the riches you own that makes you a good christian ,its the holy spirit that is within you that makes you great.
    In your church,and the sermons that you preach are more beneficial than all the tea in china.
    To us you are a cool Rev..

  2. sprocket23

    Hey dude, I’m uncool like you too! I didn’t do the “How Sexy Are You?” sermon series… I’m still plodding through Colossians. But I’d rather be uncool like you than to be cool like some of the guys who will have a lot of ‘splainin’ to in the future. Keep on keeping on… though I don’t think you are that sorry that you’re not cool, ’cause I’m not either!

  3. Sprocket,

    I’m glad you get what I’m saying. Colossians? That sounds great. I debated earlier this year about John’s Gospel or Colossians and decided on John. Anyhow, I’m thinking “The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World” would be a good sermon series from Colossians. Thanks for reading.


  4. JG

    This week’s title at Saddleback was “The Case for the Real Jesus” by Lee Strobel. It wasn’t a great title, but it was a great message. Appreciated your post!


  5. JG,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I need it after having such lengthy conversations with certain atheists who visit here rather frequently. It’s nice to hear from someone who’s on the same side that I’m on. God bless.


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