A Miracle Offering: A Devilish Cause


All I did was type in the search box ‘Church News’. I ended up at the homepage of the United Church of Christ. I had some trouble at their page with a story I wanted to read so I went right to the source, the homepage of the Cathedral of Hope, located in Dallas, Texas. This ‘church’ bills itself as the ‘world’s largest gay church.’ In August they hosted a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum series designed to ‘train educators to teach human sexuality to 7-9th grades.’ (You can find this info at their page link above near the bottom of the page.)

But Wait! There’s More!

From their website:

Dallas, Texas – August 12, 2007 – The Cathedral of Hope, known as the world’s largest gay church, announced today that it received $3,135,484.48 in cash and commitments toward its “Miracle Offering,” taken in order to build an Interfaith Peace Chapel designed by world-renowned architect Philip Johnson. The offering, taken on Sunday, July 29 in celebration of the church’s 37th anniversary, was given as the culmination of a yearlong “Miracle Project” and is the largest offering in the church’s history. Gifts were made by people living in three countries, 32 states and 98 cities in Texas.

Said the Rector of the “Church”

“Members and friends of the Cathedral of Hope have prayed, saved, sacrificed and worked hard to make the Miracle Project a success,” said Rector and Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jo Hudson. “The real miracle, though, is this congregation’s continued commitment to serve our community by giving away more than one million dollars every year in goods and services while living into a God-given dream of creating a house of prayer and peace for all people, regardless of their faith.”

They have all the bases covered. I’d like to know where in Scripture it says that there is fellowship between Christian’s and people of ‘other faiths’? What exactly is a ‘gay church’? There is only one Church.

What I don’t understand, quite apart from the tolerance of homosexuality, is the house of prayer and peace for all people, regardless of their faith? What Muslim in his right mind would worship with a Christian? What Jew in his right mind would worship with a Muslim? What Mormon would worship with a Jehovah’s Witness? What Buddhist would worship with a Hindu? What Christian would worship with any of these pagan unbelievers?

What part of “There is no way to the Father except through Me (Jesus)” is difficult to understand? What part of “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” is complicated? What is mysterious about “There is One Name given to men by which they must be saved”? Has the good pastor Jo actually read the part of Scripture that says, “the homosexual will not inherit the kingdom of God”? Has she read that part that says “Be holy, for I am holy”? Have they read that part that says, “There is no fellowship between Christ and Belial, light and dark”? Seriously. What are we to do with those passages in Scripture God says that the only way to Salvation is through the Son? What are we to do with those passages that say “if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation”? Or, “we must put off the old self, and put on the new”? Or, “repent”?

And, on top of that, 3.1 million dollars to build a meaningless building while Christians in the Middle East are being killed for their faith.

And we wonder what is wrong with the church in America. Did you see that story I linked to last night, the one about Rwandans?



2 thoughts on “A Miracle Offering: A Devilish Cause

  1. Jerry, jerry, jerry ….

    I am first going to answer many of your questions, even though I doubt such answers will be satisfactory, but I hope after I do answer them, that you will take it in your heart not to take any offense and still do me a favor.

    First so that we do not get confused by semantics, I will try to define words that I think might be ambigeous enough if left unrefined, could cause argumentation leading to wasted time. I don’t want us arguing whether a square is a rectangle or not, if one of our definitions of for rectangle adds “adjacent sides cannot be equal,” to the standard definition of ‘plane’ or also called Euclidian geometry.

    First to answer ‘what is a gay church?’ Well that church does not call itself gay, but is ‘known as,’ therefore it would be asking the question ‘what is a ‘black’ church?’ Or a ‘predominately’ white church? Or ‘conservative’ church or ‘liberal’ church …. its just a label people place similar to congretional labels of pentacostal, baptist, catholic, … of course those are actually well regulated organizations that in many cases have codified belief system. In simple terms, a majority of the congretation of the specific church happens to be in the group so named to create the adjective placed before.

    About the fact that there is only one Church, surely those christians to whom I have had the pleasure to discourse with, bless their heart, would find no fault and completly agree with you. But as letters create words which form sentences, which with punctuation allows paragraphs to be composed of those sentences, whereupon it is those paragraphs that form a letter one sends. A church is part of the church, and as people once did when speaking of important universal matter seperated from regular reality, let us use Church for the universal church, as Law respresents the idealize law, or as ‘the State’ represents not only states but also nations.

    Your use of fellowship may have a near universal definition for the christian fath and believers you know, but for me, I use it more loosely, so I might not actually be answering your question, quoted below, but I do try.

    “[where in] … Scripture it says that there is fellowship between Christian’s and people of ‘other faiths’? …”

    Hmmm…..; even if one speaks not of god, but feeds the hungry; even if one speaks not of god, and they visit the imprisoned; even if one speaks not of god, but they clothed the poor and destitute … are they not doing what jesus warned that believers in Christ would be turned away from him: do kindness in secret and hidden so that father who is hidden will reward thee; pray with an open heart in a closet in your home, do thus in secret and not as the hyprocrits do in public making a rukus … to me these types of very poorly paraphrased scripture shows that fellowship is to be given freely, while faith keep close to heart and home. The only part in new testament that I remotely remember against those who were not ‘children of god,’ was when a woman asked jesus to heal her dying daughter but she was not a jew, he called her a dog and implied that suchs gifts were not for her, yet her faithful reply that a master will let a dog eat the crumbs and scraps left by the children and the power jesus carried of god, even the smallest of crumbs would be enough. Thus her act of faith brought her health for her daughter, a gift many of jesus’s ‘own’ people could not claim, as they lacked faith even enough to ask. As pentecost cleared the way to convert gentiles to ‘the path,’ latter persercuted by by the name of christian and christianity, then that lone story looses any meaning or justification to exclude fellowship to other faiths, especially those in need, and even our enemies. As Roman officials lamented of poor roman citizens residing within the city, ‘ the people are starving, and yet we do nothing. it is those christians that are feeding them, and yet we do nothing,’ But again I might not have answered the ‘true’ question posed by you, since term fellowship to me can include merely a specialized scholarship, generally designated towards graduate students.

    What I deem to answer properly, in my not so humble opinion, is thus.

    “What I don’t understand, quite apart from the tolerance of homosexuality, is the house of prayer and peace for all people, regardless of their faith?”

    First, its not tolerance of homosexuality its an embrace of committed relationships between two persons of legal age, regardless of physical sex. So tolerance is too lenient of a word, one wouldn’t go so far as to say recruiting gays, as its belief of many that genetics plays to big role in ‘sexual’ orientation. {this tidbit, I hope will encourage you to look into the matter about this church, that i will ask for as a favor at the end of this reply.}

    “What Muslim in his right mind would worship with a Christian? What Jew in his right mind would worship with a Muslim? What Mormon would worship with a Jehovah’s Witness? What Buddhist would worship with a Hindu? What Christian would worship with any of these pagan unbelievers?”
    First, this church said peoples to come together in pray and peace, not necessarily for worship or service and peace. I hope you shock me greatly and inform me that you were a boyscout, because in boyscouts when there is service you may have mormons with jehovahs with mormons with catholics with hindu with … Its non-denominal prayer lead by a person of faith who speaks in terms that allow people to place those words unto their higher power.

    Btw, what type of person, hmm… Ghandi maybe? He had (unless I have the order mixed up which I doubt) a verse of the Koran quoted, then a favorite hymnial, and then passage from the text of his religous faith. Some of ‘his’ people, those of hindu faith and indian birth, completely resented the fact he even had those two faiths respected by including their messages, let alone their anger about placings his faith, their own faith, last. So some of ‘his’ people killed him.

    The difference between having a church next door to a mosque, and the peoples of those places of worship able to pray and do so in peace, and that have having a place for prayer of any faiths to come in peace is only distance of yards and that of walls. Jesus would not let his followers physically defend him. He taught turn the other cheek. He spoke that an eye for an eye is wrong. He asked the father to forgive those who cruxified him for they knew not what they were doing.

    People of faith, people curious of others faiths, and those questioning about different religions will be those who will visit and come together. There will be pagan unbelievers who will have more faith than christian followers. Just as there was a non jew with more faith. When a person says pray with, if it were to be loosely defined as pray along side, then who am I to find fault in ‘worship’ with another faith, if such ‘worship’ does not lead to seperation from the Path? But again, this specific church did not state anything about their new building being used in a service or communual worship of differing faiths but of bringing faiths together in pray and peace.

    Now, with all that said, once upon a time this church was going to build a new cathedral, cost of $20million, and back in 1998, I had thought it had raised several million for it. If you could as a favor to me, find out what happened to the money. That would be ideal, especially if i were to comment finances.

  2. Patrick,

    Well, first, thanks for stopping by and reading what I had to say. I appreciate that it inspired you enough to compose such a lengthy missive.

    Second, prayer is worship. And to whom would ‘they’ pray? There is no communion either in prayer or fellowship or worship between Christians and those of pagan, idolatrous religions.

    Third, you are wrong about that church. Right on the front of their web page it says: “World’s largest gay church.”

    Fourth, I just finished reading an essay in Books & Culture by Karl Giberson. He was writing about Stephen Hawking who had/has a lot to say about God. At the end of the essay Giberson wrote, “He [Hawking] is, when all is said and done, a great scientist who knows nothing about theology, but loves to talk about God.” I kind of think you might fit into that category because I can’t make heads or tails of what you are talking about, but I can discern that it has very little to do with Biblical Christianity.

    Fifth, I have no idea what you are talking about in that very last paragraph. I don’t know what church you are talking about, what $20 million you are talking about; I know idea what you are talking about in most of your rambling. Spell it out for me just a bit clearer and I’ll see if I can’t help you understand that Biblical Christianity has nothing to do with homosexuality, $20 million buildings, or pagan religions.

    thanks again for stopping by.



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