Do Darwinists Suppress Contrary Views?

Friends, It appears so: Casey Luskin reports in his blog just such a suppression. See also this story about such suppression at Baylor University. In fact, if you would like to keep yourself informed of how the Darwinists of this world are continuing to perpetuate the lie of evolution, then visit Casey’sblog. (Rob Crowther also… Continue reading Do Darwinists Suppress Contrary Views?

I can’t Believe I agree!

Friends, My anonymous friend at Adeistic has a link to this wonderful editorial by Mark Morford at the San Fransisco Gate. The editorial The Fall of the Godmongers: Praise Jesus it’s the Collapse of Evangelical Christian Rule in America: Rejoice! is really a fantastic essay. I particularly enjoyed this part: And why? Because the fundamentalist mind-set is… Continue reading I can’t Believe I agree!

Ben Stein, Evolution & Film

Friends, I just came across this at WND, a new documentary film featuring Ben Stein is scheduled for release early in 2008. The film, called Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed , tackles the growing problem of un-diversity when it comes to the education of children in schools and the persecution of those who disagree with ‘big science.’… Continue reading Ben Stein, Evolution & Film