Jon & John: Two of Kind


As a brief aside. I wonder if it is ironic that the two people who are arguing with me the most are both named Jo(h)n?

One Jon is arguing that we evolved from nothing or something. I don’t know which. Today I have a reply in which he is praying to an English muffin!  At least he is praying to something. That’s a lot more than he has been doing. I’ll take it! I think I’m making progress with Jon. I also think Jon is losing it. He’s evolving into a monster who cannot control his anger and his angst against Christ is becoming rather mutated. Just read his replies and you’ll see what I mean.

The other John is arguing that homosexuality is OK with God. His arguments are scatterbrained and have nothing to do with Scripture except to, to borrow and evolutionary term, mutate it and corrupt it. He says that’s OK though: What matters is love and experience! This John is beyond even reason and I cannot even allow his replies to be posted any longer because they are getting vulgar. Evidently homosexuality is part of evolutionary progress. Eventually, when everyone is a homosexual, the human race will die out completely and a new species will evolve and take over the planet. This would make Jon happy.

I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps these two are not one and the same. One denies Scripture altogether and mocks it when he can (today he called Jesus the ‘fairy king’); the other makes a mockery of it by denying it altogether. I don’t know what to make of these two. I didn’t invite either of them here and yet they keep coming back. My hope is that while they are here they will learn about Jesus and hear the Gospel and hopefully repent of their sin, confess Christ as Lord, and join in the Worship of the Almighty God. My hope is that they will give their lives over to Christ and inherit salvation. My hope is that they will be forgiven of their sins and serve God.

I’m asking for those of you who visit here today to pray for Jon and John. It has become evident to me that these men both need to hear the Gospel of Christ even more. I’m being serious. These two men, who both arrived here by no invitation of mine, but rather, I suspect, by a prompting of the Holy Spirit, need Jesus in their lives. Please Join me in praying for their quite lost souls.

sadly and yet hopeful,


ps–Jon, the evolatheist, in a reply the other day, actually admitted that Jesus was a real historical figure. I quoted what Jesus said (“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”) and Jon said, “Jesus lied.” Hey, between his prayers to English muffins, and his confession of an historical Jesus, I believe the Lord is making progress in John’s life. He also told me he went to a ‘Private Christian School’ as a boy. It was there he evidently lost his faith. Keep praying for Jon. I’m still hopeful that he will return to the fold.

As for the other John, well…I’m uncertain about him because he’s convinced that homosexuals will inherit the Kingdom. His kind of denial is perhaps worse than that of Jon.


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