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Yesterday, a post that I made to this blog back in June of this year, registered 57 hits. I cannot figure out why. It as a post about some rather innocuous statements that Kathy Griffen made about Jesus and homosexuals. It’s a strange thing that so many hit that particular post when there is so much other stuff here, and even newer posts about Kathy Griffen. Previously, the most hits that post ever had was 11. Then in one day 57??? There must be a glitch in the counting mechanism. Anyhow, thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday. I appreciate the reading and replying. (I just checked, people are still hitting that post today too. I don’t get it. Must be the same person over and over again.)

God Bless you, even you atheists.


PS–I added a link to my blog roll for a cyber-friend of mine name Jeff Haws who describes himself as “an irreverent journalist, atheist, political junkie, golfer, outdoors lover, sports fan, beer drinker and movie/music snob, along with many other things…” Now, obviously, I’m not endorsing everything Jeff says, nor do I think his site is for all readers (he is irreverent!), but what you will find is a man who doesn’t take himself (or much else) too seriously. You might even find yourself agreeing with him from time to time (like his recent post about atheists who are boycotting the Emmy’s; the replies alone are worth the trip over!). Jeff is funny and I appreciate that. I think visiting Jeff’s blog is a much better way to get informed about atheism than inviting the friendly atheist to your worship to preach is. So please don’t be too offended that I’ve provided a link back to Jeff’s blog.


  1. As a Christian I can say that I’ve enjoyed Jeff as well. He makes me laugh. He’s easy to talk to. And I like the fact that when he wants to honestly know something bout Christianity, he actually asks the Christians. I don’t agree with his beliefs, but I agree with his honesty and attitude. I read too much arguing and fighting in the blog world. In general, listening to Jeff and others on his site, who both agree and disagree with him, is refreshing.

  2. InW,

    Thanks for stopping by. I saw earlier that you visited Jeff’s blog and I appreciated what you had to say. I stopped by your blog, but it’s kind of late. I’ll be back.


  3. No problem dude, it’s late.

    I’ll be checking in tomorrow AM.

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