Remembering the Cross


There is a strong chance that you might not recognize these words you’re about to read. I didn’t write them, and it has been a long time since I have read them. They come from an author who has written many books on a variety of subjects (well, perhaps he always has one subject so that perhaps a better way of saying that is ‘he has written many books on the same subject from a variety of perspectives.) You may or may not have heard of him, you may or may not have read his books. But one way or another, I think you will be surprised by these words from one of his earliest books (1989):

There is a direct correlation between the accuracy of our memory and the effectiveness of our mission. If we are not teaching people how to be saved, it is perhaps because we have forgotten the tragedy of being lost! If we’re not teaching the message of forgiveness, itmay be because we don’t remember what it was like to be guilty. And if we’re not preaching the cross, it could be that we’ve subconsciously decided that–God forbid–somehow we don’t need it.” (75)

Are you ready? Or do you know? Well, the author is Max Lucado, the book is Six Hours One Friday. Mr Lucado brings us back to reality in the church with these words. It could possibly be the single best paragraph he’s ever written, and, the most important. The Church must remember the cross!

Soli Deo Gloria!



3 thoughts on “Remembering the Cross

  1. I know this sounds corny, but that one is going on my fridge.

    What I mean to say is I am making sure that is in front of me at all times. A reminder not to forget who I am through Him and because of Him, and to never forget my calling.


  2. InW,

    No, it doesn’t sound corny at all. You know, the funny thing is, I have been privately pretty hard on Lucado in recent years because I had perceived a sort of softening or ‘commercialness’ to his work (not to mention a shortening of his books). My wife picked up that book and was reading it a month or so ago when, one night, she started reading that quote to me. I had to put a post-it flag on the page right then and there. I really didn’t believe it was Lucado. I sort of had one of those ‘Wow, maybe I need to read his books again’ moments.

    The Lord has a way of reminding us of what is tres important. Thanks for stopping by!

    God Bless!


  3. It seems unfortunate that amazing writers may be subjected to “publishers” guidelines. I sure hope that Lucado’s work is not being softened and shortened because of the need for a publisher to sell more books. I have to admit that I have not really read his stuff. Mostly quotes. It is in the last year that God is really challenging me to be a reader and because of this God is really taking me through some amazing things. I now have “Six Hours One Friday” on my list.

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