Here’s how Atheists Provoke ‘Debate’


(**WARNING**: The story is offensive and graphic. Use extreme caution.)

The protagonist in this story says:

“I want religion to stop taking society and the vulnerable for idiots,” the 59-year-old artist, Stig Ramsing, told the online version of Helsingborgs Dagblad newspaper.

How did he do just that?

A Swedish artist unveiled Tuesday a sculpture depicting Christ as a well-endowed dog, saying he wanted to stimulate debate about religion and freedom of expression in the wake of a row over cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, Swedish media reported.

Uh, right. This will go a long way towards “religion [not] taking society and the vulnerable for idiots.” Wait, did he say he doesn’t want us to take him for an idiot or that he wants us to take him for an idiot? I’m not sure. Where’s Mr. Donohue and the Catholic League?!? This cinches it for me: Society and the vulnerable (READ: inconsequential artists from Sweden) are no longer idiots.

Furthermore, I agree: this will certainly stir debate. The debate will go something like this:

Did you hear about that Sweedish artist who can’t draw?

Yes, I did. He’s a sculptor right?

Right. And a moron. And an offensive nincompoop. And, evidently, he’s on the Sweedish debate team.

No. I think he’s a genius. He’s just saying what we atheists have believed all along.

No, he’s a moron who has no artistic talent and has to resort to mockery to get some attention for his otherwise non-existent career as an artist.

No, he’s great.

No, he’s not.

And so on and so forth. Is this really the best way to spark a debate? Wouldn’t a better way to start a debate be to say something like:

Atheists lead hopeless, meaningless lives that will eventually end in death at which time they will most certainly meet the God they have denied all their lives?


“The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.'” (Psalm 14:1; Atheists love when Christians cite their myths (Scripture).)


“Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” And apart from faith in Jesus, atheists and all others will be completely lost?

Yes, I think that is a much better way to spark a debate. Anyone can put a crucifix in piss, or paint Mary Magdalene naked or depict the Last Supper as a homosexual S & M festival or paint a dog on a cross with ‘enormous sexual organs.’ Seriously, one must be profoundly intelligent, supremely in-tune with the earth’s rotation, and abundantly gifted with artistic talent. Move over Da Vinci! Move over Van Gogh! Move over Monet! And all the rest of you: The Swedish artists are on their way up!

Gosh, atheists are so pathetic. (Not you Joe and certainly not my friend Jeff. But all the rest of you Swedish atheists are certainly a lot of bother.) Seriously, is that really the best they’ve got?



  1. Why is insulting atheists a better way to start a debate vs. insulting theists?

  2. Brian,

    I’m not trying to provoke a debate with atheist nor am I trying to insult them. I’m merely pointing out the ends of their logic and belief systems. If quoting what Scripture says about atheists is mocking them, well, so be it. But I won’t apologize for saying what Scripture says.


  3. Joe

    He sounds like an idiot to me. Thanks for painting all atheists with your prejudice again. It is always worth a laugh.

  4. Joe,

    You are welcome. I always try to do my best to illustrate the absurdities of the absurd by being absurd. I’m surprised you missed my sarcasm.

    your friend,

  5. Tauriq Moosa

    I am an atheist and my entire blog is defined by atheism. the society i am part of engages in debates and dialogue with pastors, imams, etc. But, this is quite silly. Eish. I am not quite sure of your views on atheism, but i will look around your blog and hopefully you will comment on mine at some point. I hope you especially read ‘Atheism Defined’ to help provide a platform if you would ever like to engage in dialogue.


    Tauriq Moosa

  6. Tauriq,

    I’d be happy to visit your blog and I’d be happy to dialogue with you. Sadly, you did not include a link back to your blog.


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