Expelled: ***UPDATE***


This story is making the rounds quickly. [See My Previous Post.] Turns out, our good friend, Richard Dawkins has been duped yet again by Creationists. You know, I have written about Prof Dawkins and how intelligent he is, but for the life of me I cannot understand why he continues to agree to interviews for films concerning creation and Darwinism. In this story, Dawkins rails at Creationist front, Dawkins says:

Professor Dawkins, who is speaking at the Atheist Alliance convention in Crystal City, Virginia, said in an email that had he known the film’s premise he would not have agreed to take part. “At no time was I given the slightest clue that these people were a creationist front,” he said. Other atheists said they were uneasy about the way they felt they had been duped.

Darwinists are fond of reminding Christians how easily we are being duped by creation fairy tales. Yet every time I turn around, Prof Dawkins has agreed to an interview that he did not carefully research. Then, later on when he finds out the ‘truth’, he claims he was ‘duped.’ This guy is such rube!

Why does he care if he was ‘duped’? Would his views change if he knew the ‘real motives of the film’s producers’? Would he talk differently? Reason differently? Would he answer questions differently? Like when I posted that video of Dawkins being unable to answer a question. Well, of course, he was duped! And when realized who and what and where and why, well, he immediately cut-off the interview! Those Christians and their devious methods of getting Dawkins to say things on camera are just plain devilish!

Look, if the Miracle Theater is not stupid in their latest publicity stunt to rebuke KG, then I don’t believe for a minute that Richard Dawkins, published author, seer, genius, Oxford Scholar, Charles Simonyi Professor of Public Understanding of Science (READ: PROPAGANDIST EXTRAORDINAIRE) was in any way ‘duped.’ This guy is like any other person: He wants to sell books, he wants his face on film, he wants to make a buck or a pound or a euro any way he can. He wanted his name on the credits!

He is just a crybaby. He’ll claim his statements were taken out of context or something stupid like that. But why anyone would need to take his statements out of context is beyond me. He’s not ashamed of who he is. What amazes me is that he continues to be ‘duped’. He is either really naive or he is easily duped or just a liar. I’m trying to be nice, but it is just absurd to think the Prof Dawkins or any other ‘scientist’ was duped into anything. One more thing:

Paul Zachary “PZ” Myers, a biology professor at the University of Minnesota and a leading critic of creationism, reproduced on Prof Dawkins’ website a letter from Mark Mathis, a producer for Rampant Films. It says: “We are in production of the documentary film Crossroads: The Intersection of Science and Religion … we are interested in asking you questions about the disconnect/controversy that exists in America between evolution, creationism and the intelligent design movement.”

Where’s the dupe? They said it was a film about the disconnect/controversy that exists between evolution, etc. It appears to me that all the producers did was change the name of the film. What are these people whining about? Gosh, ‘if evolutionists, Darwinists and atheists think that Darwinism and evolution and atheism are so interesting, the onus is on them to show that there is anything (or nothing) to talk about. Otherwise, they should just shut up about it’ (my take on a Dawkins phrase). Seriously! What I am tired of is Darwinists thinking they have a monopoly on knowledge. That’s what I think Dawkins is really miffed at: Someone is challenging him and that much he hates. He likes it when he controls the conversation (say, in a book). He doesn’t like being challenged at all. That much is clear.



  1. Jon

    Actually, they did research it. The producer who interviewed these people told them the movie was called “Crossroads”. This “Crossroads” movie has a whole website dedicated to it, without the least suggestion that it’s a pro-Creationism film.

    The real title is “Expelled” and is obviously anti-evolution. So I mean, it’s pretty clear that this producer lied to get the interviews, even setting up a fake website in case his interviewees googled it.

  2. Jon,

    You really don’t read well do you? What makes the difference what the name of the film is? How could Dawkins be ‘duped’? Everyone knows what he believes, so why on earth should be be afraid of what he says on film? The film has to do with the suppression of teaching that contradicts Darwinism. How can a website be ‘fake’ if in fact the website exists? And who cares if someone makes a ‘pro-creation’ film? Are people not allowed to do that now?


  3. Jon


    I’m convinced this blog is a joke now.

    What an utterly stupid response.

  4. Jon,

    thanks for the ‘lots of love.’ Now I’m convinced that you not a joke. Your response is utterly kindhearted. I didn’t know you felt that way about me, but I do appreciate it.


  5. Jon

    Eh, weak comeback. I expect better from an internet troll.

  6. Worldlystone


  7. Stone,

    Yes, troll! He is so original isn’t he!?

    Lot’s of love to you too!

    You guys are too much.


  8. Duke

    Let’s just say that your entire argument is rendered useless when you come to the realization that Dawkins would not have even given the interview if knowing it had a fraction to do with creationism. Creationism/ID isn’t science and partaking in any debate gives the illusion that there is a debate. There’s not. And we can be sure that what we’ll see from our biologists in this farce of a movie are carefully placed snippets of the interview along with careful questioning from these fraudulent creationists for their desired movie effect.

  9. Duke,

    Your opinion is noted. Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure why Dawkins would be afraid to give the interview. He stands to gain a lot of publicity from this film. Maybe he’ll win some fans.

    Thanks for reading. I appreciate new readers and I especially appreciate those who take the time to reply.


  10. onein6billion

    suppressed my comments?

  11. Six,

    Yes and no. Yes I deleted them. No I’m not ‘surpressing’ them.

    Mostly I’m bored with your tired rhetoric that offers nothing significant to the conversation. I’m waiting on you to prove your point with an avalanche of overwhelming evidence in support of your ‘hypothesis’. Great, now I’m on the floor laughing!

    All you want to do is mock what you don’t understand, and suppress those who have opinions that differ and are significantly more intellectual than those of the average Darwinist. I’m following the practice of Darwinists by protecting people’s minds from the dangerous doctrines of that barbarian religion of Chucky. I can’t allow people’s minds to be infected with small visions of the Grand Creation of God who gave us His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

    Have a nice Sunday. I hope you have a place to worship the Lord Jesus who died for your sins.


  12. onein6billion

    “significantly more intellectual than those of the average Darwinist”


    “I can’t allow people’s minds to be infected with small visions of the Grand Creation of God who gave us His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.”

    I think you are trying to be sarcastic. It’s really hard to tell a parody from the real thing sometimes.

    You seem to think that Christianity is being censored?

  13. Six,

    You seem to think that Christianity is not being censored!


  14. onein6billion

    “Yes I deleted them. No I’m not ’surpressing’ them.”

    I’m having difficulty discerning the difference. In either case, they aren’t here.

    “You seem to think that Christianity is not being censored!”

    Well, I drive by 10 churches every day. They are receive tax-free donations if you itemize. There is a religion section in the Sunday newspaper. And there are an awful number of books, magazines, articles, and blogs. Christianity will be “censored” only by turning off all electricity. But that is likely to censor science as well. But if you’re talking about China or Saudi Arabia, …

  15. suppressed

    suppressed = censored, what’s the difference?

  16. Look, it’s my blog I can delete whatever I want to delete and I don’t have to answer or apologize for it.

    Besides, I remember what you wrote and I was embarassed for you. I didn’t want you to have to endure the pain and humiliation you would have had to endure if I had posted it.

    If you don’t like my policies, here’s an idea: Start your own blog! They are free. Then you can say whatever you want.

    Or, give your name and I’ll post everything you write.


    suppressed = oneinsixbillion what’s the difference?

  17. Mike McCants

    “give your name and I’ll post everything you write”

    Here is Roger Ebert’s trashing of the movie:

    [Link deleted–Mike I appreciate it, but I don’t permit links in replies except in very, very rare cases. Feel free to post quotes and excerpts.–jerry]

  18. Mike McCants

    “This film is cheerfully ignorant, manipulative, slanted, cherry-picks quotations, draws unwarranted conclusions, makes outrageous juxtapositions,…segues between quotes that are not about the same thing, tells bald-faced lies…”

    • The irony here is that I have never even seen this movie nor had a desire to. Furthermore, I have never personally advocated seeing it (that is, in person). I wrote this post so long ago, that I hardly think it even warrants my response to you. But, that’s OK, Mike. Keep arguing with yourself. I hope it makes you feel better. Don’t forget, Jesus loves you and died for your sins on the cross. Be blessed in all you do. jerry

  19. Mike McCants

    “Jesus loves you and died for your sins on the cross”
    Hilarious nonsense.

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