I can’t Believe I agree!


My anonymous friend at Adeistic has a link to this wonderful editorial by Mark Morford at the San Fransisco Gate. The editorial The Fall of the Godmongers: Praise Jesus it’s the Collapse of Evangelical Christian Rule in America: Rejoice! is really a fantastic essay. I particularly enjoyed this part:

And why? Because the fundamentalist mind-set is not so much a firm and rational set of beliefs based on thoughtful interpretation of strict Biblical screed as it is, well, a paranoid wallowing in fear. Fear of the Other, fear of change, of progress, of the new and different and young and the sexual and the truly spiritual. And as we all know from almost seven years of Bush, fear knows no reason. It knows no stability. Fear is simply insatiable, voracious, and about as un-Godlike as Jesus with a machine gun.

Now, aside from the fact that the essayist is really far too concerned about sexual politics and makes an ignorant quip about the death of Jerry Falwell, his essay actually makes some rather valid points. In part, I couldn’t agree more with that first sentence. I have been saying it over and over again here at this blog: Christians need to get back to the fundamental root of their existence: The Holy Scriptures. And yet we continue to drift further and further away…

I especially appreciate his take on the influence that evangelicals of mega-churches have had on the political decisions of this current presidential administration. In my opinion, one of the worst decisions was the whole Faith Based Initiatives plan: Waste of tax money! Another bad decision was installing a phone in the office of the president that was linked to Tedd Haggard’s throne in Colorado: Big Mistake. Still another, from the church’s direction, is entrusting politicians with the propagation of Christian faith: Can you say, “I need re-elected.” Another is thinking that Pat Robertson is infallible and that he and his cronies have the only valid ideas concerning Scripture. (I can tell you that he doesn’t.)

In my estimation, one of the worst things the Church can do is trust its work and its mission to government officials who will merely try to legislate morality. Morality can only be effected when people’s hearts are changed. Truly, there is very little doubt about the total depravity of man! The other poor choice we make is when politicians try to do the work that the church should be doing. The government has its divine authorization; the church has hers.

Finally, the author says this:

But when you come right down to it, the Great Truism has been validated once again: Righteous fundamentalism, be it Christian, Islamic, or otherwise, has the seeds of its own destruction built right into its very framework, a priori and de facto and by default. Powered by the deeply joyless engines of fear and shame, it can never quench its own impotent desires.

Again, I cannot help but agree whole-heartedly! So I propose a solution to the problem. I propose that Christians mind their own business and leave this country we live in to its own devices because the one problem I have with this essay is that the author is persuaded that he has no religious point of view. I say we should leave the USA to its own secular, humanist, materialist, sex-charged, socialist agenda. Christians should simply sit down, shut up, and never have an opinion. We should let the country be run by homosexuals and atheists and Darwinists (because they are separate from atheists) and liberals and abortionists and politicians and murderers and pedophiles and rapists and the like.

Because freedom is a great thing: “The Supreme Court, by way of just one example, has now been so front-loaded with righteous misogynists, we’ve already lost great hunks of women’s rights, environmental protections and many of the cornerstones of America’s moral foundation.” (Although, to be sure, the author cites no references to validate his assertions, which is strange because at the beginning of the essay he also asserted, “We’ve got urban smoking bans and Smart cars and women finally rising to the most powerful positions in the land.” So, I’m having trouble understanding how all these womens’ rights have been lost and yet women can also rise to the ‘most powerful positions in the land.’ I don’t think he has his fact straight on this, but that’s beside the point.) Let freedom ring!

I am also glad he criticized the mega-church movement because from my point view nothing has been more damaging to the Christian faith than the mega-church movement (especially the sorts associated with Osteen, Haggard, and their ilk.) I’m glad that Mr Morford is raising awareness of this dangerous trend towards such shallow easy believism.

In short, I’m grateful for Mr Morford’s essay. I hope more Christians will read it and give their approval. It is a dangerous thing when the church gets mixed up in politics because then politicians start expecting things in return. What belongs to Caesar should be kept by Caesar and what belongs to God should remain with God. The Church of Jesus Christ does not need the help of the government of the United States to accomplish its mission. The church has survived countless wars, countless rebellions, numerous attempts to eradicate it, numerous internal scandals, bad decisions, and scandals in its years of existence.

My only hope, for Mr Morford’s sake, is that the United States has the same wherewithal and the same courage and the same staying power as the Church. I hope the United States can survive the legalized infanticide; I hope the United States can survive the normalization of homosexuality; I hope the United States can survive a war fought with a woman as the Commander in Chief; I hope the United States can survive the ramifications of taking God out of every nook and cranny and replacing Him with empty Darwinism; I hope the United States can survive the blasphemies and scandals of our politicians; I hope the United States can survive the hubris of people who don’t understand Genesis 18:16-33; I hope the United States can survive a thoroughly godless culture filled with murder, rape, pornography, pedophilia, racial strife, hypocrisy, violence, hatred, anger, suicide and meaninglessness.

Yes, Mr Morford! Praise Jesus! The church will survive, thrive, and outlast all this. I wonder if the United States will?



PS–But what does it matter as long as none of smoke, as long as none of contribute to global warming by driving big cars, and as long as George Bush is not the president? I can’t wait until Hilary is elected. I can’t wait until she has to face the pressure daily of that job. I can’t wait to see how long it will be before she starts asking evangelical Christians to pray for her as she goes about the business of decided which men and women she will sacrifice to keep the rest of us safe. Yes, I agree Mr Morford, Evangelical Christians should be thoroughly, totally, completely stripped of all influence in this nation. Go Secular humanism! Go materialism! Go liberalism! Go Darwinism! Go Atheism! What a great place to live!


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