Food for the ‘Intellectual Atheist’s’ Thought

Friends, I first came across this at Uncommon Descent, but it is so good I thought it deserved its own place here: Atheism: An Intellectual Revolt or Pelvic Rebellion by Doug Giles at I was especially intrigued by Giles’ comments about the atheist’s fear of accountability. I’ll note two such comments: In addition, ladies, Darwin didn’t… Continue reading Food for the ‘Intellectual Atheist’s’ Thought

Happy Reformation Day!

Friends, October 31, 1517 is the best-known date in Protestant history. At high noon on October 31, 1517, Luther, a 33-year-old university professor, walked to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, and tacked to it a document. The door served as the town bulletin board, and Martin Luther had an announcement to post.… Continue reading Happy Reformation Day!

Why Christians Should Reject Evolution

Friends, A while back I made quick reference at this blog to an essay published by Scientific American written by Michael Shermer: Darwin on the Right. It’s an older essay (published September 18, 2006), but I think the points he made then still need to addressed by thinking people who refuse to just give up. The… Continue reading Why Christians Should Reject Evolution

One Can Only Imagine

Friends, I can only imagine this is a joke, but an evolutionary theorist (aren’t they all?) named Oliver Curry from the London School of Economics has predicted that the human race is going to split…again. Human Race Will ‘Split Into Two Different Species’. Says the article: “Physical features will be driven by indicators of health,… Continue reading One Can Only Imagine

Some other Essays and Blogs Concerning Evolution

Friends, Here’s some helpful stuff concerning evolution: First, Intelligent Design is Not Creationism. (Blog entry by Robert Crowther.) I think this is significant. Said Philip Johnson, “Ralph, in my writings and public appearances I can’t even mention God much less Satan. I have a very specific battle to fight, namely, to take apart the logic… Continue reading Some other Essays and Blogs Concerning Evolution

I wonder If…: Thoughts on the Creation ‘Debate’

Friends, I wonder if anyone really understands what the ‘debate’ is? Here’s the closing paragraph from Avery Cardinal Dulles at First Things: God and Evolution. The recent outburst of atheistic scientism is an ominous sign. If unchecked, this arrogance could lead to a resumption of the senseless warfare that raged in the nineteenth century, thus… Continue reading I wonder If…: Thoughts on the Creation ‘Debate’

90 Days with Jesus, Day 72: John 15:26-16:4: Jesus the Word of God

John 15:26-16:4 (Day 72, 90 Days with Jesus) “When the Counselor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father, he will testify about me. And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning. “All this I have told… Continue reading 90 Days with Jesus, Day 72: John 15:26-16:4: Jesus the Word of God

William Willimon on Fear

Friends, I’m reading a fantastic book on preaching by William Willimon titled Peculiar Speech. I wish I could quote about every other sentence for you, but that would ruin the book. Anyhow, here’s something I came across in the reading today: “We trivialize only that which we fear we can’t handle, especially God.” (54) That… Continue reading William Willimon on Fear

Book Review: Celebration of Discipline

Friends, I realize this is an older book, and that it has been reviewed by hundreds of others. I had to write a review of it for a seminary class I’m taking and I thought perhaps some of my readers might appreciate another point of view. I have to be honest, I didn’t get much out of the… Continue reading Book Review: Celebration of Discipline

Online Commentaries

Friends, One last post. If you ever need some commentary help on the New Testament, you’ll find it at New Testament Commentaries from IVP. Now I’m done till Friday. I’ll put that link in my blogroll. jerry

The Great Omission: Review

Friends, Here’s the review I promised for The Great Omission by Dallas Willard. It is non-technical and rather short. The book is not altogether bad, but it does have some issues that need to be addressed and perhaps there are other, longer, more technical reviews that will satisfy the need. Willard, Dallas. The Great Omission:… Continue reading The Great Omission: Review

A Couple of ‘Evolution’ Stories

Friends, I can only report secondhand these stories, but I’ll get them here so that perhaps some of you will pursue them a little more. First, Jerry Fodor on “Why Pigs Don’t Have Wings“. You can get a good ‘take’ on this essay by reading Paul Nelson at Uncommon Descent. (Maybe read this by Fodor: The… Continue reading A Couple of ‘Evolution’ Stories