10 Questions to Ask your Biology Teacher

Friends, I’m having a blast at Dembski’s website. There is so much there. I’m not going to print the entire essay here, but I will post his ten questions for you to consider. 1. Design Detection If nature, or some aspect of it, is intelligently designed, how can we tell? 2. Generalizing SETI The search… Continue reading 10 Questions to Ask your Biology Teacher

Irreducible Complexity

Friends, Someone complained to me a while back that irreducible complexity had been debunked and proven false. I just found an essay by William Dembski that reduces that debunking to myth. It is an older essay (published in 2003) but worth the effort. For even more, visit Irreducible Complexity Revisited. By the way, many of… Continue reading Irreducible Complexity

More Global Warming News

Friends, I just heard Rush Limbaugh say, “You cannot believe in the God of creation and believe in global warming.” Interesting… Anyhow, here’s another story about the farce of global warming. Here’s a preview: The study by the Danish National Space Center rebuts a July study by UK scientists who allege there has not been… Continue reading More Global Warming News

Jesus: Lord? Savior? Both!

Friends, I just started reading The Great Omission by Dallas Willard. Here’s a quote from AW Tozer that Willard has on page 13: …a notable heresy has come into being throughout evangelical Christian circles–the widely accepted concept that we humans can choose to accept Christ only because we need him as Savior and that we… Continue reading Jesus: Lord? Savior? Both!

Just Because you Can…

Friends, What is the role of the preacher in a local church? Is it to campaign for a political candidate? Is it to divide his or her congregation by speaking about his own views? Or is it to preach the Word of God? This story has it all wrong. Said one: ÔÇťAmerica faces a moral… Continue reading Just Because you Can…