Irreducible Complexity


Someone complained to me a while back that irreducible complexity had been debunked and proven false. I just found an essay by William Dembski that reduces that debunking to myth. It is an older essay (published in 2003) but worth the effort. For even more, visit Irreducible Complexity Revisited.

By the way, many of Dembski’s writings, which are technical at times, can be accessed by clicking this link to the Design Inference Website. There is a ton of stuff here. Dembski, the last time I checked, was the owner of two PhD’s, one in mathematics and the other in philosophy; he also has other degrees. He is well published in a variety of disciplines.

There are a lot of questions I regret I cannot answer when it comes to Darwinian evolution. William Dembski can answer them and in many instances, has. I encourage you to visit Design Inference and his blog Uncommon Descent which I linked to in a previous post. Don’t be put off by his belief in ID, he is erudite and concise. You will appreciate his work.


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