Just Because you Can…


What is the role of the preacher in a local church? Is it to campaign for a political candidate? Is it to divide his or her congregation by speaking about his own views? Or is it to preach the Word of God? This story has it all wrong. Said one:

“America faces a moral free-fall, and some would hurry it along with the threat of government sanctions against Christians who dare to speak out on critical issues,” concluded Wright. [Wendy Wright the president of Concerned Women for America.]

I have no issues with CWA or their stances on certain political or moral issues. This is not about them. It is about this notion that we will solve the problems of this nation, of this world, by electing certain candidates to political office. It is simply absurd to make that assumption. America is not facing a moral free-fall because preachers aren’t talking enough about ‘moral issues’ any more than we are facing a free-fall because we do or do not elect certain people to political office. We are facing a moral free-fall because there are not enough preachers testifying to the Truth of the Word of God, not enough are preaching the Whole Council of God, not enough are preaching in season and out of season the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Politics has very little to do with our moral free-fall as if morality can be legislated. No, more people need to hear the Gospel and obey. More preachers need to stop schmoozing with politicians and start digging into the Word of God: Proclaim it from the rooftops!! Jesus Christ is King!

I have no issue with preachers addressing certain moral issues from the pulpit, but not at the expense of the Word of God. The Word of God must be preached first. The congregation should not know the political views of the preacher because his political views are unimportant. His views on the Word of God are what matters in the church. After the preacher has carefully expounded the Word of God I suspect that his view on certain moral issues will be evident and clear.

All I am saying is that the pulpit is the place for preaching the Word of God. I don’t like preachers who drag politics into their pulpits or make a political point of view the foundation of their theology and I don’t like when politicians conduct campaign rallies and deliver speeches at churches. Both are, in my estimation, grave offenses. Neither have any place in a Church. The Church, even a mere building where a Church calls home, is a place for God to be worshipped not politicians to stump.


2 thoughts on “Just Because you Can…

  1. Jerry,
    The very statement “Jesus Christ is King” is a political statement. Everything is religious…even politics.

  2. Well said. Nowhere in the NT do we read of Jesus or His followers organizing protests, lobbying, or calling for Rome to be overthrown. His kingdom is not of this world.

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