It’s Not!


I just read this at WND:

Responding for the first time to James Dobson’s rejection of his presidential candidacy, former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson suggested in a television interview broadcast last night he didn’t think the Focus on the Family founder’s opinion of him was representative of evangelical Christian leaders.

Asked by the Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity whether it would be helpful to have a conversation with Dobson, Thompson replied, “I have no idea. I don’t particularly care to have a conversation with him.”

“If he wants to call up and apologize again, you know, it’s OK with me,” Thompson said. “But I’m not going to dance to anybody’s tune.”

 And I don’t think he should either. He should run for the presidency on his own personal integrity, on what he believes, and on what he believes he can accomplish. He doesn’t need James Dobson’s approval or opinion.

Good for you, Senator!


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