Is this Irony?


Read this story from the Associated Press.

ATLANTA (AP) — An animal research center was fined $15,000 for animal care problems linked to the death of a monkey, federal authorities said Monday.

Yerkes National Primate Research Center, part of Emory University, denied any willful wrongdoing, but agreed last week to pay the penalty, said U.S. agriculture department spokeswoman Jessica Milteer.

A Yerkes spokeswoman noted the research center reported the monkey’s death, and said the center is committed to humane care for animals. “We deeply regret that an animal died,” said the spokeswoman, Lisa Newbern.

So, the death of a monkey is worth $15,000, but abortion is a legal right with no associated fines?

Yes, I’m afraid this is America! Killing babies is OK, but Dammit Don’t you dare kill a stupid monkey, or allow global warming to wipe out polar bears! Those bastards! How could they kill a monkey! They should have been fined 4 or 5 times that amount! $15,000 is barely enough to cover the cost of the lost of one monkey!


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