Stephen Jay Gould (RIP) and ‘Conclusions’


Stephen Jay Gould, eminent popularizer of Darwinism over the course of his career writing for Natural History was simply a stunning writer. I quote from his essay, In the Mind of the Beholder, in the February 1994 issue:

Historians and philosophers of science often make a distinction between the logic and psychologic of a scientific conclusion–or ‘context of justification’ and ‘context of discovery’ in the jargon. After conclusions are firmly in place, a logical pathway can be traced from data through principles of reasoning to results and new theories–context of justification. But scientists who make the discovery rarely follow the optimal pathway of subsequent logical reconstruction. Scientists reach conclusions for the damnedest reasons: intuitions, guesses, redirections after wild goose chases, all combined with a dollop of rigorous observation and logical reasoning to be sure–context of discovery.” (p 14)

And Darwinists say that Creationists need faith!

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