The Remedy: David Crowder*Band


I’m very particular about what I reccomend for others’ listening enjoyment. But I can say without reservation that the new music from David Crowder*Band is worth any amount of money you will pay for it. I purchased my copy last night and I have already listened to it through 7 or 8 times. I can’t wait until I run through it like I do every other Crowder CD. These guys are simply writing and performing the best music available. You will not be disappointed in the 10 tracks on this CD. I think you will find special delight in listening to the Crowder version of O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing. The only bummer is that there are only 10 tracks and those little ‘songs between the real songs’ are not quite there (I happen to enjoy them). You should run out right now and buy a copy for yourself and another copy for a friend. Seriously. Go. What are you waiting for? (Oh, and be ready for a special surprise on the track “We Won’t Be Quiet.” But I won’t give it away.)


2 thoughts on “The Remedy: David Crowder*Band

  1. Ron,

    I mean this sincerely, I have never heard a bad song from DCB. They simply do not write bad music. It ranges from rock anthems, to Bluegrass, to songs with a ‘pop’ feel, to ballads, to praise, to hymns, to techno-dance-industrial mixes. Their last CD “A Collision or 3+4=7” is a tour-de-force, an epic, 18 songs dealing with death from a Christian perspective. It is simply a stunning piece of musicianship (I don’t know if that’s a word or not.)

    My favorite songs by DCB are as follows and in no particular order: Wholly Yours, Rescue is Coming, God of Wrath, Deliver Me, O Praise Him, and I Need Words, and Stars. And I haven’t even mentioned the 10 songs from Remedy! (And I’ve never even heard their first CD because I don’t own it. 😦 )

    It’s really hard to stop. They are seriously that good. Thanks for asking. I love an opportunity to talk about DCB!


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