An Alternative Point of View on Ann Coulter

Friends, You may or may not agree with Catherine Morgan’s final analysis, but she instigated a very helpful conversation concerning who does and does not speak for the rest of us. I have written here before about the rather insidious and divisive nature of allowing others (people (Christians) in high profile positions) to speak for the rest of… Continue reading An Alternative Point of View on Ann Coulter

Didn’t I tell you?

Friends, This morning, in my post about Al Gore’s ‘win’ of a Nobel Prize, I compared his ‘win’ with a student caught smoking and being awarded a Student of the Week prize, and an athlete winning at the Olympics after cheating, and a murderer being awarded celebrity status. Well, it turns out that others were thinking along… Continue reading Didn’t I tell you?

Al Gore: A Nobel ‘Winner’

Friends, There’s this fella who visits here sometimes who, every time he visits, constantly tries to provoke me with his ‘insightful’ and ‘intellectual’ comments about the intelligentsia of this world. One day he threw up something to the effect of, “So, all those Nobel Prize winning scientists are wrong about evolution?” I responded, in a… Continue reading Al Gore: A Nobel ‘Winner’

Dembski Nails It!

Friends, (I had to update this a little, because I wrote it late last night and I found a few typing errors.–j) William Dembski has nailed it! You should hit his blog for the whole story and for associated comments by readers, but here’s a snippet: The phrase that jumps out here is “least understood of… Continue reading Dembski Nails It!