A Couple of ‘Evolution’ Stories


I can only report secondhand these stories, but I’ll get them here so that perhaps some of you will pursue them a little more. First, Jerry Fodor on “Why Pigs Don’t Have Wings“. You can get a good ‘take’ on this essay by reading Paul Nelson at Uncommon Descent. (Maybe read this by Fodor: The Trouble with Psychological Darwnism.)

Here’s a little more on the indoctrination efforts of educators by George Will at Townhall.com. He writes:

They are teachers at public universities, in schools of social work. A study prepared by the National Association of Scholars, a group that combats political correctness on campuses, reviews social work education programs at 10 major public universities and comes to this conclusion: Such programs mandate an ideological orthodoxy to which students must subscribe concerning “social justice” and “oppression.”

Get a little more commentary on this story from Denyse O’Leary. Will concludes by writing:

In the month since the NAS released its study, none of the schools covered by it has contested its findings. Because there might as well be signs on the doors of many schools of social work proclaiming “conservatives need not apply,” two questions arise: Why are such schools of indoctrination permitted in institutions of higher education? And why are people of all political persuasions taxed to finance this propaganda?

I’m shocked that there is actually indoctrination going on at such high levels of educational institutes! I wonder if there is indoctrination taking place at other levels too? I wonder why people are so afraid of dissent? O’Leary is right: It’s not just the ID guys who are being silenced: It’s anyone with a brain. Stunning, isn’t it, that a nation that prides itself on diversity is so closed-minded when it comes to different points of view in the educational system. And if people are fired up about paying tax dollars to support this sort of stupidity in the university, imagine how irritated we are when we have to pay property taxes to pay for it at the local public school level.



  1. Here is the Response from NASW’s Executive Director that was sent to the Washington Post. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/10/19/AR2007101902281.html

    Code of Concern

    Dear Washington Post Editors:

    Conservative columnist George F. Will has taken public umbrage with the National Association of Social Workers’ (NASW) Code of Ethics and its mandate that adherents advocate for social justice. In his review of a National Association of Scholars report, Mr. Will ignores the context in which professional education and training occurs—for all professions. This criticism misrepresents social work education and is a disservice to our members and the clients they serve.

    Social workers are committed to solving social problems while helping people improve their quality of life; fairness is a defining characteristic of the profession. Like all citizens of a participatory democracy, it is critical for social work students to develop the skills necessary to advocate within available legal and political structures.

    Social work students learn to use advocacy for the benefit of individuals, families and populations who are most vulnerable to the unresolved social problems of the day. Services for veterans, children, chronically ill persons, the elderly, and struggling families are improved by social work advocacy.

    Members of NASW hold a diverse array of opinions on many social issues, including abortion and homosexuality as mentioned in Will’s column. However, professional social workers are united in their commitment to respecting the rights of clients to access services and expand options available to them. Social workers do not apologize for caring about people who are marginalized by society, nor do we apologize for holding members of our profession to high standards.

    Elizabeth J. Clark, PhD, MSW, MPH
    Executive Director
    National Association of Social Workers

  2. Friend,

    I don’t think you read what my post was about nor what Mr. Will’s article was about either. But, if you feel the need to defend yourself, then perhaps someone sees something that you are missing.


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