Things that Do Not Irritate Me


I got to thinking that if I post all those ‘things that irritate em’ I might end up feeling badly about life (my list is up 68, which isn’t bad considering it is earth.) Then I went to work at the school (yes, I work in a public school where they spend tax dollars teaching children about Darwinism) and one of my co-workers suggested that perhaps I should balance out my list with some things that do not irritate.  So, my list of things that do not irritate me began easily enough and is now up to 109 and it only took about 20 minutes or so to come up with that many. Now that I’m off for the day, I’ll have more time to think about things and make note of them. So, here you go: My List of Things that Do not Irritate me. I’ll go slow, maybe 20 or so at a time. Enjoy!

  1. My Really Hot Wife.
  2. My three Sons.
  3. God’s Grace
  4. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ for my sins.
  5. Life (I love the adventure of living and learning and growing)
  6. Friends
  7. David Crowder*Band
  8. Hope
  9. Faith
  10. Love
  11. Health (my wife has been cancer free for 15 years!)
  12. Books (even those I don’t like)
  13. Green & Black olives
  14. Cashews
  15. Chocolate, Caramel, Peanut Butter all mixed up.
  16. NASCAR (Go 24!)
  17. Baseball (George Brett simply the best there ever will be!)
  18. Golf (even though I’m a hack)
  19. My congregation
  20. Beauty
  21. French Impressionism (love Monet and the Water Lillies)
  22. My parents
  23. My brothers
  24. My in Laws (especially my Mother in law)
  25. Praying Mantises

I’ll post a few more of these later on, after I have posted some more things that do not irritate me. There is ‘so much beauty around us, but just two eyes to see’ (Rich Mullins, RIP).



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