10 More Really Bad Assumptions Made by Not-Christians: 21-35


I’m in a sort of writing kind of mood tonight so I’m going to share a little more of my list of things that tick me off (I’m smoothing out my language a little.) Here are numbers 21-35.

21. The assumption that all Christians are evil because of people like the folks at the Westboro ‘Baptist’ ‘Church’ or because of pedophile priests.

22. The assumption that anyone has a right to membership in the church without meeting the requirements for membership in the Church.

23. The assumption that liberalism (theological and/or political) is more progressive and forward thinking than conservatism or orthodoxy.

24. The assumption that freedom is found in the ability to live without reference to God or His Son Jesus Christ.

25. The assumption that homosexuality is not a sin just because people are ‘born that way’.  (The assumption that (insert sin here) is not sin because people are ‘born that way,’ ‘had no father,’ ‘grew up in West Philadelphia,’ ‘had a crack-whore for a mother,’ ‘the government made it legal,’ ‘Clinton did it,’ etc.)

26. The assumption that persistence in sin will not lead this country, into free-fall and destruction. The parallel assumption that persistence and tolerance of sin in the church will not cause the church to ‘lose it’s place’.

27. The assumption by some Christians that voting a certain way, for a certain candidate, for a certain party assures and protects God’s Sovereignty. (And also the assumption that the opinions of Pat Robertson or James Dobson matter when it comes to political decisions by the rest of us.)

28. The assumption that the holocaust discredits or mitigates God’s essential goodness, Sovereignty, or Plan for this world through Jesus Christ.

29. The assumption that atheists have an intellectual advantage over Christians because they don’t need ‘faith’ or ‘God’ to sustain their point of view.

30. The assumption that if we just do enough ‘good deeds’ that all will be well in the world.

31. That assumption that morality doesn’t matter. (And the assumption, ironically, that morality can be legislated.)

32. The assumption that the Biblical point of view doesn’t matter or is flawed or is outdated or is irrelevant or is meaningless. (It is the only ‘point of view’ that matters.)

33. The assumption that people can just say, “God doesn’t exist” and that it somehow makes it true.

34. The assumption that atheists do not need to prove the major premise of their argument (that is, that God doesn’t exist.)

35. The assumption that Darwinism is sophisticated enough to explain all of life’s complexity and diversity. (It’s not.)

That should keep some folks busy for a while. My list is just short of 70 and my list of things that do not P me off is even longer. (I like that list better 🙂 ) Thanks for stopping by and reading.



  1. Paul

    These links don’t prove #29 incorrect.


    But I still tend to disagree with you. Particularly because these lists are composed of the most brilliant thinkers of our time.

  2. Paul,

    You are right. The list doesn’t prove my point incorrect. I noticed that one of the lists included Marilyn Manson and another Carrie Fisher (aka Princess Leah). Thanks for stopping by.


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    […] couple of days ago, my Christian friend Jerry at Life Under the Blue Sky wrote a list of “10 More Really Bad Assumptions Made By Not-C… Apparently, he has other lists tucked away somewhere that I’ve missed, but I like these 10 […]

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