Science & Religion in Conflict?


For those of you who visit regularly, you are aware that I have been pointing out that there is a significant gap between Darwinism (materialism, Darwinian Evolution, Dawkinsian Evolution, Gouldian Evolution, Jon Evolution, evolution, macro-evolution, Jurassic Park Evolution, theistic evolution, God-of-the-gaps Evolution, etc.) and Genesis 1 (Biblical) Christianity. I believe it is very hard to escape this notion.

Denyse O’Leary has a post today at Uncommon Descent about this very subject. Her post is an excerpt from an interview Casey Luskin conducted with Philip Johnson concerning some program that is to be on PBS. Johnson notes how it is the scientific community that constantly tries to reassure the public that ‘science’ doesn’t conflict with ‘religion.’ All I can guess is that when the scientific community says this ‘science’ is a blanket term that includes all things, innocently enough, like Medicine, 3M, Microsoft, astronomy, Hubble Telescope, Volcanology, and that tucked away in innocent ‘science’ is Darwinian Evolution. This is what the scientists, under the umbrella of ‘science’, won’t tell the public. Consequently, the Darwinist can say that the Christian is opposed to ‘science’ when really we are only opposed, necessarily, to Darwinism (and it’s offspring–which are many and varied.)

As Christians, we believe that all wisdom and truth (scientific included) comes from God. Darwinism, however, denies there is a God to supply such wisdom. So while we are not opposed to science, we clearly reject atheistic Darwinism (too, because there is not nearly enough ‘evidence’ to support the Darwinists claims of a completely unified theory) because Darwinism denies the most basic and fundamental and necessary tenet of truth, viz., the existence of God. Let me clarify.

On the one hand,  I’ll say this: Science is not opposed to religion. Of this we can be fairly certain and shout a hardy ‘Amen’ to our scientific brethren not least of which because God has designed this world in such a way that it can in fact be studied scientifically. However, and this is where it gets rather uncomplicated, Darwinian Evolution is opposed to Biblical Christianity (and, for that matter, Torahic Judaism, and Qu’ranic Islam.) All one must do to figure this out is read the works of Richard Dawkins. That will be convincing enough. (Again, I don’t accept the ideas of so-called ‘theistic evolution’ either. This is an oxymoron since evolution necessarily excludes the miraculous, outside intervention of any such Divine Person.)

On the other hand, Biblical Christianity is not opposed to science–for that matter, I don’t know any Christians who are necessarily opposed to learning about what Darwinian evolution has to teach and say about our origins and diversity; if there is truth in it, I want to know because all truth is ultimately from God. But Biblical Christianity is opposed to the materialistic, un-guided, anti-Scriptural Darwinism that is constantly being shoved down people’s throats and touted and assumed to be the answer to all of life’s mysteries. We are opposed to it being taught de facto as if there are no other alternative stories and as if there are no inherent problems within the theory itself. From my point of view, all I am saying is this: Be honest about what Darwinism is. Teach it all, the good, the bad, the pro, the cons and the cons and the cons and the cons–ad infinitum. Be honest about its roots, its aims, its goals, its proponents. Tell us why it necessarily excludes God. Don’t try to hide the truth and then say something ridiculous like, ‘Darwinism and Biblical Christianity are compatible.’ That is absurd and the honest Darwinist knows it.

The last part of the interview goes like this:

Luskin: And yet public skepticism of evolution remains very high. What does this say to you? Why are these attempts to, as you put it, soothe religious people regarding evolution, really seems like it is failing (at least) the public that is largely religious and is still very skeptical.

Johnson: Yes, they are still very skeptical, and they don’t believe the reassurances. They know in fact what’s going on. The fact is that the public is not as stupid as the experts wish them to be.

No, we are not as stupid as the ‘experts’ wish us to be. Nor are the ‘Brights’ nearly as bright as they hope to be either. But, as silly as this might sound, if those in favor of teaching Godless Darwinism would simply be honest about their intentions and motivations perhaps we might find some sort of common ground. But it seems to me that as long as they continue to try and hoodwink thinking people in this country they will be rejected. I wonder if the Darwinists have thought about why there is so much opposition, by so many people, at so many levels, to something that they are convinced is so abundantly evident? I wonder if they have thought about why so many people from all walks of life, from the seventh grade girl in a lunch room to Ph D’s, from all states, from all economic tax brackets, both Christian and not Christian, have rejected out of hand this nonsense called Darwinism? Surely the Darwinist jests when he says that all such people are merely uneducated, right?

I wonder what the Darwinist thinks is at stake in this conflict? I wonder if they have truly counted the cost of their belief system? I wonder if they think that they have more energy and strength behind them for the long haul? I wonder what will happen to all those Darwinsts when that final piece of evidence becomes fully known and their entire world comes crashing down around them? Maranatha! Maranatha, Lord Jesus! “They will flee to caverns in the rocks and to the overhanging crags from dread of the Lord and the splendor of his Majesty, when he rises to shake the earth.” (Isaiah 2:21) “The arrogance of man will be brought low and the pride of men humbled; the Lord alone will be exalted in that day, and the idols will totally disappear.” (Isaiah 2:17-18)


Unlike some, I’m not afraid to invoke Biblical Christianity to make the point that needs to be made about Darwinian Evolution.


6 thoughts on “Science & Religion in Conflict?

  1. to be precise, evolution denies that God created species as they are now; this does not necessarily entail a denial of the existence of God

  2. Bill,

    Thanks for the clarification. I was under the distinct impression that evolution is ‘guideless’ at all stages of biological growth and development. Silly me.

    I respectfully disagree.


  3. You should bookmark this page, Jerry, and read it. Because you violate at least half of them, and it makes your arguments extremely weak.

    I’ve responded to these same repeated claims in about twenty of your other posts, too, so I think I won’t reply in detail this time.

    I will say, I don’t think any scientist claims that science (including evolution) is compatible with fundamental religions. In fact, they say the opposite. The sun doesn’t stop in midair. Lifeforms don’t just pop out of nowhere fully formed. Pillars don’t prop up the skies. Etcetera.

  4. “if those in favor of teaching Godless Darwinism would simply be honest about their intentions and motivations perhaps we might find some sort of common ground”

    I am ready to wager against this absurd statement.

    There is no common ground in the war of religion against science.

    1. ‘religion’ is not opposed to science. that is only a straw man that people like you construct in order to avoid actually having to have an intellectual conversation about what the Scripture says about the God who speaks. jerry

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