Interesting News Bits


Here are some news bits that I found interesting this morning.

First, talk about Giant Bugs! The AP is reporting that scientists have uncovered one really big bug fossil:

The discovery in 390-million-year-old rocks suggests that spiders, insects, crabs and similar creatures were far larger in the past than previously thought, said Simon Braddy, a University of Bristol paleontologist and one of the study’s three authors.

I don’t know about that mysterious 390-million year old rock, but the story is certainly an interesting one and the discovery even more so. I’d hate to find it in my house.

Second, Jerry Springer–the Opera is coming under fire in the UK. Here’s a glimpse:

Two judges were told the show was “an offensive, spiteful, systematic mockery and wilful denigration of Christian belief” that no one would have dreamed of making about the prophet Mohammed and Islam.

Stephen Green, the national director of the evangelical group Christian Voice, is attempting to prosecute the producer of the award-winning musical, which has been shown in theatres around the country, and the BBC, which broadcast it in 2005.

I applaud their concern for the Name of Jesus, but what do they expect? Verdict: A Waste of Time. Look what the world did to Jesus. Should we all of the sudden expect the world to start acting with some care or concern or reverence?

Third, it appears the Pope is purging–music. Says the article:

The Pope has recently replaced the director of pontifical liturgical celebrations, Archbishop Piero Marini, with a man closer to his heart, Mgr Guido Marini. It is now thought he may replace the head of the Sistine Chapel choir, Giuseppe Liberto.

The International Church Music Review recently criticised the choir, saying: “The singers wanted to overshout each other, they were frequently out of tune, the sound uneven, the conducting without any artistic power, the organ and organ playing like in a second-rank country parish church.”

I can think of some other things the pope ought to purge from the Vatican, but that’s another post.

Fourth, evidently, times are troubled in the Netherlands:

“The Netherlands is too complex to sum up in one cliche,” she said. “A typical Dutch person doesn’t exist.”

Her comments have tapped into an unsettled feeling among many Dutch who fear traditional values have been eroded in a country roiled by a rise in Muslim extremism. It’s a view espoused by Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who has turned her back on her Islamic roots.

What do they really expect? How long before a ‘typical American person’ doesn’t exist either? What do people really think Islam is about, or is doing? Isn’t world domination precisely their goal?

Fifth, Michael Newdow is bored again and his tireless efforts on behalf of the .01% of atheists in the American population continues. What a hero he is! What a warrior! What a patriot!

California atheist activist Michael Newdow is renewing his fight to remove reference to God from the Pledge of Allegiance, this time with a suit filed on behalf of an anonymous New Hampshire couple against a school district.

The couple, an agnostic and atheist with three children, say in their complaint that they “generally, deny that God exists” and contend their constitutional rights are violated when school authorities require their children to “participate in making the purely religious, monotheistic claim that the United States is ‘one nation under God.'”

You know, the funny thing about this is this: No child is forced to say the pledge of allegiance. I work in a public school and I have never once seen a teacher walking around with a weapon in hand threatening students who refuse to say the Pledge with detention or death. Here’s an option for Newdow: Home-school! (As if the teaching of Darwinism isn’t the establishment of a religion!) This guy needs to get a job.

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