Richard Belzer asks: What Would Jesus do?


I didn’t know that detective Munchhad a blog, but it turns out he does. He wrote:

These soulless operatives, at the behest of their “superiors”, rape and pillage the dictionary to obfuscate how little they care for our nation’s most vulnerable and helpless: hungry children!

Many of these renaming attempts are patently ridiculous. But to lessen the Hobbesian barbarity of this administration’s perpetual “war” on the disenfranchised is amongst its lowest and most loathsome rewriting of history and the truth.

Again, one must ask: What would Jesus do? Happy Thanksgiving?

Well, I’m having a little trouble understanding the connection Detective Munch is making between a government stupidity and Jesus. I recall, from reading the Scripture, that Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.” But in this world, folks like Detective Munch go out of their way to prevent just that from happening. I recall Jesus fed 4,000 & 5,000 people on two separate occasions, but Jesus is consistently shoved aside in favor of Flying Spaghetti Monsters.

I know what Jesus would do which is why I think there is a better question to ask: What is Richard Belzer doing (when the cameras aren’t rolling)? These bleeding heart liberals and all their sophistry is yet another in that long list of things that piss me off to no end. I wonder how many children Munch is feeding today? I wonder how many of his millions he is dishing out today to help feed the hungry? It is nothing short of ironic that this guy played a character named Munch.

Would the good detective be willing to sell his property or stock holdings and move into a lower class neighborhood in some poor town in America where he can share his wealth with the poor the way most Christians do? Is this blog post by the detective really about the poor hungry children or is it about assuaging his own guilt as he sits down to fatten his own face?

What would Munch do? Happy Thanksgiving.



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