Project Runway: Season 4, Episode 2


I’m far behind all my writing projects due to the long Thanksgiving break we just came off of. I managed to write a little last week while on vacation, but not much. Anyhow, here’s my thoughts on Project Runway, Season 4, Episode 2.

First, I have to say that I was not particularly thrilled with the choice Sarah Jessica Parker as a guest judge. I never watched the ridiculous Sex & The City so maybe I’m biased against her. On the other hand, I had no idea she was a ‘fashion icon.’ I didn’t realize that she was so spectacular that Chris had to cry about it.

Second, seriously, what is up with Christian’s hair? What is up with Christian?

Third, I did appreciate the comment by SJP, “Fashion shouldn’t be about luxury; quality shouldn’t be about privilege.” This is exactly why I shop at Wal-Mart and Pennies.

Fourth, is Ricky going to cry during every episode? I mean, is every challenge going to be a major life crisis? Make some clothes, loser.

Fifth, Polymorphic: adj., “having, assuming, or occurring in various forms, characters, or styles.” (Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary) Elisa is one strange cookie, but so far I’m pulling for her to win. She’s made two great looks and at least has a sense of humor.

Sixth, along the lines of ‘is this going to happen every episode,’ is Tim Gunn going to continue saying ‘Knock their socks off’? Don’t you think he could find something new to say, like, ‘Go turn Nina on,’ or ‘Go make a splash,’ or ‘Break a leg,’ (oh, maybe not to a model.)

Seventh, Quote of the Night: “I’m coming to your planet, but with gifts.” Elisa.

Eighth, all in all I thought this was a good episode. I think they have to keep Elisa around as long as possible, and get rid of Christian as soon as possible. Best look of the night: Ricky and Jack. I’d buy this red dress for my wife any day of the week–even if I had to go into one of SJP’s stores to get it.

I hope this year is much like last year without too much drama and in-fighting. I like it much better when the people get along and act like they are at least somewhat grown-up.  

Finally, Marion: Auf Wiedersehen!

Tune in later this week for more Project Runway commentary and review.


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