Global Warming & a Couple More Stories


I’m back from school. I just finished my class–well, I have one more paper to write, but other than that, the class is finished. So I have been away for a couple of days. Now, I have a couple of stories to update for you and after I have watched episode 3 of Project Runway I’ll be posting a story on it.

First, from the ‘scientists really know how to spend money well’ department, a story that will seriously affect my friend Jeff over at atheocracy. Turns out, Canadian beer drinkers–I guess there’s some sort of beer drinkers guild–are actually part of the problem behind that massive global turmoil: Global Warming. (Original Story.)

 Scientists have found a new threat to the planet: Canadian beer drinkers.The government-commissioned study says the old, inefficient “beer fridges” that one in three Canadian households use to store their Molson and Labatt’s contribute significantly to global warming by guzzling gas- and coal-fired electricity.“People need to understand the impact of their lifestyles,” British environmental consultant Joanna Yarrow tells New Scientist magazine. “Clearly the environmental implications of having a frivolous luxury like a beer fridge are not hitting home. This research helps inform people — let’s hope it has an effect.”

Somewhere I hear someone laughing. I hope someone is laughing because if this story is true we are all in trouble. (Seriously, I hope this story is a joke. And, Jeff, if you read this, I’m pulling for you on this one. Is there anything that doesn’t cause global warming on this warm globe?)

Second, I’ve done some Tila Tequila posts. Here’s a new one:

November 30, 2007 — SELF-proclaimed bisexual MTV skank Tila Tequila may actually be straight as an arrow. The gay-for-pay bikini babe stars in a “A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila,” about her search for the perfect mate – male or female. But it’s “all a sham,” says a source close to the show.

Does anyone happen to care? Does anyone even watch the show? Seriously, why is this news?

Third, Evel Knievel, 1938-2007, RIP.

Fourth, more valuable information from scientists who are, as you can see by this article, doing their best to solve some of the more pressing problems facing the globe: Zombie Cockroaches. Scientists also found a way to turn humans into zombies: They write books.

Glad to be back. I’ll write to you soon.



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