Project Runway: Season 4, Episode 3


I’m only a little late on my Project Runway review. I was at Seminary last week and only watched the episode on Monday.

First, I have to say that I was disappointed with the challenge. I’m not really sure how Tiki Barber’s wardrobe became important to America, but I suppose they had to mix it up a little too. After all, we don’t want the critics complaining that PR has become a tired formula. Did I hear one of the contestant say, ‘Tiki is gorgeous’ (Riki). Yeah, whatever. It also seemed to me that this was a ploy less about the designs and more about the male models especially when it is considered whose design was the winner. This episode catered and pandered to the gay audience and that was disappointing (in the sense that I don’t really think the episode was about the fashion. Seriously, Bo knows everything else, I’ll bet he knows fashion. Bo would have been a better pick than Tiki.)

Second, is it only me or are there a lot of tattoos on this season? Jeffrey was a bit over the top last year with the script on his neck, but this year the tats seem to be everywhere and on every contestant. Sweet P? That’s a lot of skin art.

Third, did anyone notice that monster ring Nina was wearing? I’d like to know how she can hold that thing up without breaking a bone.

Fourth, how did this not lose?

Quote of the week: “Man down!” (Overheard when a mannequin fell over; I thought it was funny.)

Fifth, how did that win? Tiki obviously has less fashion sense than football sense.

Sixth, Michael’s comment, “Those look like trousers for a Boogie Nights star,” was hilarious.

Seventh, as I said, I had to tape the show and watch it later in the week. It was tough not watching the re-runs and commercials (so I wouldn’t know who was Auf’d.) Anyhow, I watched the hour long program in about 35 minutes. Scary.

Eighth, Riki cried again. That makes 3 episodes, 3 cry sessions. Come’on Riki, let’s try something new like not crying.

Ninth, too bad for Carmen. I think if she had made the shirt she might not have been Auf’d. Even without the shirt, however, I don’t think this look is as bad as Sweet P’s.  Good-bye Carmen. Good luck. It is too bad that she was Auf’d on an episode where she was clearly out of her league. In some ways it is not fair, but I suppose every designer must be versatile. Anyhow, Auf Wiedersehen, Carmen. Better luck next time. I would like to have seen a few more of her designs.

Finally, my favorite design of the night? Well of course Elisa’s look. I like the shirt and the pants. I wouldn’t wear either of them because I like Levi’s and a t-shirt, but Elisa’s my favorite so far so until she makes something really bad, I’m sticking with her.

That’s all for now. Tune in to the very next post for my thoughts and commentary on Project Runway, Season 4. I am anxious to see how the next episode turns out after the debacle that was menswear night. I hope they get back to the female models.

Overall rating (out of five asterisks): ** They just did not make it work. I say next year, avoid menswear altogether. Or get Bo!



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