Project Runway: Season 4, Episode 4


Last night’s episode of Project Runway began just the way any episode of Project Runway should begin: with controversy. In a move reminiscent of the infamous walk-off proposed by season 2’s Zulema, episode 3 winner, Jack, changed models. I was waiting for it to hit the fan when he chose Ricky’s model, but, sadly, it wasn’t that bad. I was hoping for a throw-down, knockdown, fistfight. No luck.

I only have a couple of thoughts about this episode.

First, I thought Jillian was funny choosing the overalls when she was wearing overalls. I’ll bet she felt sort of dumb wearing an outdated fashion. I’ll bet she felt great winning the challenge. And I’ll say here at the start that her team deserved to win the challenge. They definitely had the most cohesive look, and it was definitely the most excellently prepared of all the looks. I say congrats to team Jillian.

This look was my favorite look of the night. It played well on the poodle-skirt theme and that model worked it well.

Next, I have to say that Steve’s Tim Gunn impersonation was not nearly as good as Santino’s Tim Gunn impersonation. Steve’s fell flat because he was trying to get noticed because Santino was noticed. Steve was impersonating Santino impersonating Tim. It was weak. Find your own gig Steve. Besides, Santino was the best character they have had yet on this show.

Third, I don’t think I like Victorya. She was really nasty trying to be the leader without assuming the title. As much as I don’t like Ricky, Victorya did him wrong.

Fourth, is it time for Christian to leave yet?

Quote of the Night: “If I hadn’t known I had made that dress, I would never have known that I made that dress.” (Elisa)

Fifth, what is up with those giant rings on Nina’s fingers? She’s going to hurt someone sooner or later.

Worst Look: Had to be Ricky’s look. I do have to give him props though because he did spend a lot time making his teammate’s clothes look a lot better than they were. Oh, and Ricky ended up in the bottom group again. Thankfully, there were no tears this episode–at least none that I saw.

Have you noticed how almost every single designer who gets Auf’d says: “This isn’t the last you’ll hear from me”? Well, actually, it is the last we’ll hear from you. They need to stop trying to convince us that they are better than 4 episodes. The only ones who have a right to say such things are those who make it to the final three. This is the first we have heard from any of these people, why would we want to hear more from them after they get booted in the first 10 shows? That’s what, about 15 minutes of TV time before they were booted? Please. If you are Auf’d don’t go away mad and threaten to come back and talk to us more, just go away.

Finally, Chris, Auf Wiedersehen!

I think this was a pretty good challenge. I enjoyed seeing how they worked some of those seriously 80’s fashion trends into a modern work. The creativity of these people is truly amazing. That’s why I watch the show: I love seeing something made from nothing. We are by nature creative beings because we have been made in the image of a creative God. I am looking forward to the next episode and I’ll update you as soon as I see it.



  1. c.a. Marks

    Dude, that was a fantastic recap of the show. Well done and I totally agree with everything you said.

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