The Mitchell Report


I want to go on record concerning this Mitchell Report that has been The headline this week. First of all, I think it is a joke. For the most part, it is hearsay and nothing more. If MLB has a testing policy, I have never heard the name Roger Clemens brought up as one who has failed a test.

Second, unless a positive test is shown to the world (or he admits to it) I will never believe that Roger Clemens used steroids. (Heck, I don’t believe Rafael Palmeiro did either since I think his positive test was a false positive.) Roger Clemens is simply an outstanding baseball player. I have followed his career in MLB since he came into the league and I simply do not believe he is guilty of anything. And it will take a lot more than the Mitchell Report to convince me otherwise.

Third, shame on Jose Conseco. What a loser. His was sour grapes from the start. That baseball that hit him on top of the head that one day must have shook up his brain too much.

Fourth, if Roger Clemens is not inducted into the Hall of Fame someday I will never watch MLB again. It is just absurd that the losers at are already calling his Hall chances into question. This is rather infuriating. I mean it this time. I balked after the strike, but I will not this time.

Fifth, Bud Selig is a self-serving idiot and the worst commissioner in the history of MLB with the exception of that loser Bart Giamatti who had a vendetta against Pete Rose and banned him for life. I should have given up MLB after that, but I’m holding out hope for Pete. Pete Rose should be in baseball, he should be in the HOF, and the commissioner’s office ought to be closed pending a review of their actions.

True baseball fans are sick and tired of this stupidity and political maneuvering. At least I am! I mean it MLB: If Clemens is denied HOF membership you will lose this fan.


PS–It is for similar reasons that I am about done with NASCAR. The idiots that run NASCAR have ruined racing with their insip Chase format and their moronic COT. Purists are losing faith in MLB and NASCAR because they are being taken over by people who are no longer interested in entertainment but the bottom line and being politically correct. (Esp in NASCAR. And this is not just sour graps because Jeff Gordon should have 6 Cup Championships by now. The Chase just plain stinks!)

PPS–This better not reflect negatively on the value of my Roger Clemens rookie Red Sox card either or I am going to be one very unhappy individual!


  1. cardtraderchat

    Couldn’t agree more with you. Hard to believe more don’t think so though.

  2. Trader,

    Thanks for stopping by. I suppose we will be a small minority on this one, but let’s hold out hope that cooler heads will prevail.


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