Bordering on Hilarious


I have two things to say about this story at the Christian Post: Borders Tags Atheist Book With…

First, I think some people are way, way to sensitive. Consider these two well-meaning, but theologically under-read people:

“I am quite sure that Borders intended their Christmas card as a joke. However, I personally find it an ill-judged and insensitive joke,” he said, as reported by Baptist Times.

He continued, “Christians have always been used to being punch bags but I would have hoped that, in a society in which we are seeking to show respect to all people and beliefs, we might have grown out of this kind of nonsense.”

He was supported by Justin Thacker, head of theology at the Evangelical Alliance, who said, “It won’t surprise me if this spectacularly fails. Christmas still holds a high place in people’s hearts – I think a lot of people will be offended by it.”

Does the good Rev. really believe that we will ever grow out ‘of this kind of nonsense’? He certainly needs to read his Bible more often. Why be offended? At what? Doesn’t ignorance speak for itself? “Stupid is as stupid does.” Why not laugh?

Second, I happen to think this is really funny and quite clever. I wish people had a sense of humor:

“Borders wouldn’t do this to any other religious festival. Borders [has] made a strategic mistake and Christians will boycott it.”

What’s funny is that there are a whole bunch of Christians (including myself at times) who will shop at Borders when Borders sells pornography, books by Richard Dawkins (and other atheists), Harry Potter (gasp!), erotica, and a whole host of other genres–including Christian books–but if they give away a parody card with an atheist’s book and the whole world of Christianity is turned upside down. Seriously, don’t these people have anything else to worry about? (Oh, and when it comes to books, if Borders has a better price than Barnes and Noble I’m going to Borders regardless of what they are giving away. It’s all about the book and the price!)

All one has to do is say, “No thanks. I would not like your card today.” Some people are so lame. And I hate to say it but when Christians say stupid things like ‘Christians will boycott it’ there is really a pall cast over Christianity.

This is as bad as Christians who watch the Emmy’s getting upset when Kathy Griffen says something bad about Jesus. What do you expect? Seriously? Are there not more serious issues to be contending with right now? Seriously?



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