Left Behind Video Games??


Here’s news to me: There is, evidently, a video game series based on the popular trash novels Left BehindEven the ADL got in on the complaining. I realize I’m a bit behind (no pun there) on this story, but I bring it up because I came across a story at AlterNet that I thought was actually pretty good. Writes the author,

Since Mitt Romney has said that there will be no Muslim members of his cabinet (though the New York Times hasn’t quite tripped to that fact yet), I think it’s an excellent time to show that Senator Clinton’s views regarding religious tolerance are deeply felt and not just some Sunday morning prayer group she attends to further her political ambitions. If she’s in the video game denouncement business, she needs to denounce this one, too.

Yes, I agree Senator. Show us your full and complete denouncing abilities. I wish someone would because the whole notion of the Left Behind books is beyond believable. It is really bad theology and really bad reality. People should remember it is fiction for a reason: It has not Scriptural warrant whatsoever.

But that’s beside the point. I just wanted to go on record as having agreed with something someone wrote at alternet.


PS–I know the Left Behind stuff is old news, but I agree that this is junk. I really have grown weary of people in the world of Christianity who will do anything and sell anything to make a profit. Books are one thing–and even those books were horrible–but a video game based on the books? Seriously, the people who did this ought to be ashamed of themselves. Maybe some foot stamping by the good Senator from NY would help us rid the world of such insanity. Why do we need Left Behind video games when Leon Scott Kennedy and Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are on the job? If they can’t rescue the world from the clutches of Albert Wesker, does someone really think Buck can?


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