Another Republican Loses My Vote


I keep picking them off one by one, and I’m glad to. I’m trying to find a viable candidate worthy of my vote and I thought for a minute or two that Ron Paul might be the one. I had heard some good things about him concerning dollars and taxes, but now I have rescinded whatever good thoughts I had about his candidacy.

I’m not suggesting that the president has to be a Christian–far from it. I don’t know of too many presidents who have been Christians. But this statement by Ron Paul is simply absurd and indicates that he has very little concern for a very large portion of the voting population. This is an ignorant statement from someone who wants to be taken seriously. Kudos to the reporter for calling him on it. I guess Paul thinks that it is ok for every presidential candidate to have a religious position or none and talk about it but Huckabee can’t.

On the other hand, perhaps it was planted by Huckabee. Did he not edit this video before it aired? Perhaps this was Huckabee’s Constantinian moment: “In this sign, you will conquer”? Whatever.

Anyhow, Ron Paul has issues. Huckabee has issues. Frankly, there is not one single candidate in the running at this point who would get my vote for president.


2 thoughts on “Another Republican Loses My Vote

  1. Dr Paul was quoting Sinclair Lewis. His point was that we should beware of those who co-opt cherished symbols in order to mask their real intentions.

    He was drawing attention to the fact that the Huckster is using his faith as currency to curry favour with evangelicals rather than discussing the issues.

    And he is correct.

  2. Pound,

    I know who he was quoting. Funny, I might have said, “When fascism comes it will be wrapped in a turban and carrying a Qu’ran,” or “When fascism comes it will be wrapped in an Nazi flag and carrying On the Origin of Species,” or, well, you get the point. People don’t choose symbols without a purpose. In other words, I find it hard to believe that the cross is extraneous to Lewis’ comment. But I could do a little research and find out if that is true or not.

    Either way, every presidential candidate is using their faith as currency to curry favor: Obama is using Oprah, Hillary is using Bill, Guiliani is using 9/11, McCain is using Vietnam and so on and so forth. Besides, did you read the second to last paragraph in my post?

    Finally it doesn’t change the fact that Paul has no more standing with me than any other republican candidate or any other democrat candidate. And this quote from Paul was aimed directly at Huckabee’s faith–as if Huckabee’s faith doesn’t some how impact his decisions and guide his politics and as if it is wrong if it does.

    I’d be hard pressed to think that Huckabee is avoiding issues that need discussed.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, but Paul is not correct. Not everyone in the USA thinks that politicians should divorce themselves from their faith just because they are a politician. Nor does everyone in the USA think that just because a person is a Christian that they have ulterior motives for wishing to be an elected official. Only the paranoid think these things. The rest of us know that all politicians say whatever and do whatever it takes to get elected.


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