Hyalophora Cecropia

Cecropia Moths


I took this photo outside my house a few years ago. I thought you might enjoy it as much as I did. These are simply gorgeous. Check this link for information about these spectacular creatures.


3 thoughts on “Hyalophora Cecropia

  1. Allyn,

    I did notice. What’s more interesting to me is that someone else finds this picture as wonderful as I do–at least enough to look at it on my blog!

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting.


  2. My grandmother found one of these moths dying outsider a local store,she laid eggs right before she died. Thes eggs have now hatched and we have about fifty living for sure,some dont look alive. We didnt know they hatched til yesterday. They are tiny lil black fuzzies. We are trying to figure out how to care for them because I dont know where to even start or where their mother would have laid them to keep them away from predators. If anyone knows what I need to feed them or what to do with them please contact me on facebook under jess sturgell. Thank you very much.

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