A Great Quote: Alistair Begg


I’ll just post this without comment since it says all it needs to say:

“But the challenge is always this: Are men and women going to allow the Word of God to sit in judgment on their puny minds, or are they going to make their puny minds the judges of the Word of God?

We have taken the latter course as a culture. So there is mass confusion today—even in the evangelical church—over whether the Bible is true and over how far we should go in obeying it.” –Alistair Begg, The Hand of God

Snagged this one from Reformed Voices.


2 thoughts on “A Great Quote: Alistair Begg

  1. The fundamental assumption behind this is that there is some kind of agreement on what the word of god says and means. If this assumption is not correct, of course there will be mass confusion. And there are so many “words of gods”. Is any one particular one better than the others? Why do you think so?

  2. One,

    Yes, there is one that is better than all the others: The Gospel. Because there are no other ‘words of gods’ that declare me a sinner and then deal with my sin thus enabling me to live without fear of wrath of the gods. Only in the Gospel is the wickedness and unrighteousness of humanity dealt with. No where else at all is the word Grace used, offered, or even meaningful. It is the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ that makes the Gospel the only Word from God.


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