Ask yourself (as I have asked myself)


Ask yourself into which category you happen to be:

Are you:

A) A bright light shining in a dark place, or

B) Darkness in a bright place.

The former understands and lives by grace; the latter understands and lives by law. Grace and truth came through Jesus. I’m done blogging for today. In the new year, consider carefully how you will serve Christ: Be a light burning in the darkness; do not be darkness crowding out the light.

Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog this year. It has been real fun learning how to do this and making so many new friends. I have learned something from all of you who have visited and left replies. I still cannot believe how many hits I have had since I started this.

May God be praised in all things, by all people, in all places, at all times. Come Lord Jesus!

Happy New Year!

Soli Deo Gloria! 


(aka dangoldfinch & dongoldfish)

PS–for extra credit, check out this brilliant post by William Willimon in which he writes,

“John did not know the complete shape of that hope. John was a voice, a voice into the darkness, telling people not to give up hope, telling people that their yearning was not mere wishful thinking, that their longing was an act of faith, a deep and abiding belief that God cared, that God would come and deliver.”

. . .

We gather on this night as those who yearn, who desire, who are not yet fulfilled, but who are confident that light breaks into the darkness, and we shall see, and we shall know, and we shall be filled.

The light, the world’s light, our light, has a face, a name, Emmanuel.

To which I add a loud, “Amen!”


  1. jerry,

    “There is simply a lot of anger coming from that unordained, non-evangelical, non-elder, non-pastor, non-prophet individual. I think she might need a hug from someone who has genuinely experienced the grace of God. I’m serious; the author seems very, very angry and unhappy…”

    “the author of slice… ‘All I did with my life was point out everyone else’s sin and never offer them any grace.’”

    When you take your shots at “the author of slice” you ought to at least man up and do Ingrid the courtesy of using her name.

  2. Mr. Silva,

    First, you should have the courtesy of posting your replies at the blog where I make such statements and make certain that you quote them in context. As such, I have not taken any ‘shots’ at the author of slice (see the end of this reply). IN fact, read this post I wrote a while back:

    Second, do you have a disagreement with something I said or are you conceding that the author of slice does in fact need some grace in her life?

    Third, it is my sign of respect, since I don’t know the author personally, to refer to her as simply ‘the author’. Thus I am avoiding making this a personal issue. I don’t have an issue with the person named Ingrid. I have an issue with the posts made at Slice of Laodicea where the author calls a brother in Christ, a preacher of the Gospel, an ‘enemy of Christ’ when he has not denied the faith or the truth of Scripture or blasphemed the Name of God. I have an issue with the judgmentalism of people like the author slice (and you) who feel it is your job to police the church. I have an issue with the gracelesness that the author spews out on a regular basis. Ironically, you feel it is your job even though you are not members of any local congregation except the one you are a member of. Biblically speaking, you have no biblical authority to judge anyone or any church outside of the one you belong to. That is not your job. You make this too personal.

    Interestingly enough, the book of Revelation says that Jesus walks among the lampstands which are figures for the Church. He also says in Revelation that he has the authority to remove lampstands from their place. Do you think Jesus Christ needs help?

    Did you have a comment about my post: “Ask yourself (as I have asked myself)” or were you simply making a drive-by comment and taking a pot-shot on the way? If you didn’t, then you should post your reply at and Analysis where my comments were made. Otherwise I might be led to think that you are not man enough to do so since you are evidently hiding your comments here.

    One final thought: Why would you think it is a ‘shot’ that I offered someone God’s grace? Do you think I am wrong for thinking that some grace is in order here? Mr Silva, perhaps you too need some grace?

    with all due respect, and in the grace of Jesus,

  3. Jerry,

    Funny that you have Ken’s site on you blog here and he comes and attacks you for comments you made elsewhere. Comments in which is true of all people let alone Ingrid and Ken…

    But, as far as grace, KEN and Ingrid seem to not want anything to do with unless it is just for them.

    I know that is a bit harsh, but having dealt with both, it seems that they mouth Grace and yet miss forgiveness and mercy are all part of the package. Ken will even go as far as attack others who hold to the reformed view even though he himself cannot commit to being a Calvinist or not…

    These people need our prayers to break the bondage that holds them. Keep praying as this “Prayer war” will win… and their god they defend with their version of truth will be overcome by the Blood of Jesus and the Sovereign God we serve.

    Be blessed,

  4. Iggy,

    Thanks for the thoughts. I agree. I am desperately trying to figure out what they are defending. I just finished reading a chapter in a theology book conerning grace & law. It seems to me that their theology contains no grace whatsoever for anyone. If that is true, then how can their theology even be remotely considered biblical? It’s one thing to quote Scripture; it’s something else entirely to understand it. I don’t think they understand Scripture if they have missed grace.

    I am praying. As I said elsewhere, the whole ‘enemy of Christ’ thing really, really made me re-think everything. I am certain no proponent of the so-called ’emergent church,’ but at the same time, when all the wash is hung out to dry, all any of us have is Jesus Christ and his grace. I don’t think I have heard any emergent preachers denying that yet. I could be wrong, but I haven’t heard it yet. So I will continue to pray about this because you are right: All of us need God’s grace.


    ps–in some cases, I think the author slice and the author of Aprising make perfectly valid points which is why I keep them linked here. I’m just hoping and waiting for the day when grace makes an appearance at their blogs.

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