What Evolution has to Offer: Tommy Ray


I haven’t done an evolution post for a while, but some of my older posts are still generating responses. For example, here’s a recent reply made by one person who is clearly a product of the non-thinking version evolution. Note the overall genius of this person’s response, the eloquence, the mastery of the language:

It is frightening to intelligent people to see this swell of middle ages style ignorance starting to take hold. Do you drive a car? Ride in airplanes? Use electricity? All of these things, like evolution, came to our understanding through actual science. The various illiterate claims that “God created everything” are not equal to research and study. I know that my words will have no impact on the religious zealots who want to kill all the non-believers and then end the world for Jesus, but I hope if there are people out there who might think this trash is worth teaching, they will think twice about what the mind of man has created. God was created by ancient sheep herders who feared everything because they knew nothing. Apparently, Ben Stein prefers their fear to the light of knowledge. It is pitiful. [Emphasis added.]

I have to say, if Tommy Ray (the author of this clearly intelligent rant) is what evolution has to offer then this world is in worse shape than any of us thought. Actually, the ancients believed in God because they knew God and feared God. After reading the above paragraph, who do you think is a zealot? Responses like the above paragraph are certain to aid the religion of Darwinism.

Thanks Tommy for stopping by. You made the front page of my blog, now you are living the dream!



One thought on “What Evolution has to Offer: Tommy Ray

  1. I am glad I could contribute, even in a small way. I grew up in a devoutly religious home surrounded by people who were all members of the same religious cult. I know how those who give up their ability to think in favor of accepting everything on faith can twist everything good and make it seem sick and evil. I just read that belief in God is on the decline according to the census. I was surprised to discover that Evangelical Christians constitute only .5 percent of the nation (up from .1 percent) ten years ago. It is nice to see that we are moving in the right direction. If belief in nonsense like an all powerful father figure who takes care of us keeps dwindling at the rate it is, America might get back to being a place where rational humans can live and thrive and be educated by other rational humans during my lifetime. That would really be living the dream.

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