New Page: For the Discerning & Disciplined Reader


I am putting together a new page titled “Books.” On this page, I will be compiling a list of the more significant books that are available for reading. I am a big fan of reading as a  spiritual discipline among Christians. Sadly, the works that many Christians read are simply bad books. This is not surprising given the dismal state of publishing. If what I see on the shelves at so-called ‘Christian’ bookstores is typical of the average Christians’ reading habits, then the Church is in real trouble.  

My hope with this new page is to encourage a higher standard of reading among people in general and Christians in particular. I hope to highlight important books that should be read. I also hope to highlight better books for people to read. The books I choose are books I have read and recommend.

The books are listed in no particular order of importance and are not categorized. They are listed as I read them, remember them, or think of them. I will only be listing books that I have read, so the list will be updated rather frequently. I hope you will find this new page useful and, perhaps, interesting. I realize that not all of my choices will be yours, but if you have questions about a book that I have listed, please feel free to write.

Thanks for stopping by.


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