The Future of Liberal Theology in the Anglican Church


I’m adding a new link to my blogroll.  A preacher friend of mine in the Anglican tradition pointed it out to me today. Virtue Online “is the Anglican Communion’s largest Biblically Orthodox Online News Service, read by more than 4,000,000 readers in 140 countries each year.”

Over the past year, I have developed a close friendship with an Anglican preacher and we have enjoyed much fellowship and prayer in Christ. I pray for my brothers and sisters who cling to the Gospel and uphold the Scripture. Below is the last paragraph from an interview David Virtue conducted with renowned Anglican scholar JI Packer:

VIRTUEONLINE: What do you think Anglicanism in North America will look like in 10 years time?

PACKER: First, I disclaim any gifts as a prophet. My guess is that the Third Province, the Common Cause province will have arrived. That reluctantly its presence will be accepted by the TEC and ACC. That in the light of the situation, the ACC and TEC will go forward in making liberal theology their standard and bless and accept gay unions. It will be the Common Cause churches that preach the gospel and teach the Bible. I expect congregations in TEC and the ACC being fed on liberal theology will continue to wither on the vine as they have done for the last half century. Liberal theology, without the gospel, proves to be the smell of death rather than of life. While Common Cause are [sic] a minority today, that will change as liberal churches get smaller and smaller and become in turn a minority.

Continue to pray for those who continue to uphold the truth of the Gospel in the face of great adversity and contention. I’ll close with words from Dr Packer:

VIRTUEONLINE: Do the archbishops of Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda have sufficient experience and wisdom to make major decisions, which are leading to the break up of the Anglican Communion?

PACKER: I think they have sufficient clarity of biblical understanding to see that treating gay unions as holy and blessing them is contrary to the Bible and to the gospel and cannot be sanctioned whatever. I think they are right, that when the gospel itself is impugned, it must at all costs be maintained. It is not a question of wisdom but obligation. People are pushing the acceptance of gay unions and blessing them accordingly.



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