Roger Clemens: Some of us believe you


A quick shout out to Roger Clemens: I believe you! I am pulling for you! I don’t believe for a minute the testimony and accusations of Brian McNamee in the Mitchel Report. I think McNamee simply has an axe to grind and I don’t believe him for a minute. There are some of us out here who see this for what it is and I, for one, am anxious for Roger Clemens to be vindicated of these pernicious lies.


Roger Clemens

  1. Jason

    Hey Jerry,

    I tend to not believe any of these guys. But until some real evidence comes out that would actually prove it, I can’t condemn Clemens. McNamee is obviously the scum of the earth.

  2. Jason,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’ll say this much: I believe Clemens right now. I just cannot believe after all the times through the years that I have heard about his workout program that he used. It simply makes no sense to me at all and I am thoroughly disgusted that this is even an issue.

    They should have left well enough alone because in their efforts to ‘clean up’ baseball, they have ruined baseball for those of us who love the sport. Right or wrong, I’d rather have never known. I can’t see how this has helped the sport.

    Anyhow, if it was ever proved true that Clemens is guilty or if he ever confesses that he did use, I will never watch baseball again.

    Jason, on a personal note, I am most happy that you stopped by. I am glad to hear from you.


  3. I still believe in “innocent until proven guilty”.

    I also believe Congress has better things to occupy themselves with then this.

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