Knight Rider Returns!


Well, I have been amped up about the new Knight Rider series debuting on NBC tonight. So, I settled into my recliner, all distractions put away, ready to watch. 5 minutes into the show were introduced to a lesbian character and a naked blonde girl in her bed.

So much for the new Knight Rider series.

I just cannot believe it. I simply cannot believe a great series, with so much potential, has been ruined so quickly. 5 minutes into the show. Television sucks. Can’t even watch Knight Rider without there being some form of sexual stupidity involved. I just cannot believe it.

So much for the new Knight Rider series. Here’s to hoping it fails miserably.



  1. Nathiest

    Fuck you! You worthless fuck.

  2. Nate,

    Evidently, the new Knight Rider already has a stellar, well educated fan base.

    Thanks for the F-U. I consider it a compliment coming from someone with such an obviously limited vocabulary.


  3. Rob

    Natheist, your vengence is misdirected… HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN!!!!! Now that that is over….
    Some of us have beliefs, we need the freedom to have these beliefs, just like you want the freedom to ride the rump of rangerdom.
    Why does you get to have your way, and we don’t get to have ours??? Who says you have preference?
    I beleve Homosexuality is a sin, and I want no part of it. Any show that condones it, violates my beliefs, there is no compromise.
    It’s not so much the sinful act of being a rump ranger, it’s the fact that we are being forced to “ACCEPT” it. Not gonna happen bud! I have a right to say I don’t agree with homosexuality. Why do Homo’s get angry, why is it so important that I accept homosexuality?
    It’s like your a bully trying to pin us down, and instead of making us say Uncle, your making us say, being a rump range is cool.
    you have a reprobate mind dude…..

  4. Family Man

    Here is why I was so disgusted with the show. I watched and loved this show as a kid, and thought it would be great to watch with my 6 year old son. Big mistake. You would think network tv on prime time would be family friendly. NBC, you should be ashamed. I hope you crap show gets canned.

  5. kramer

    I would fully agree with you, what has this culture come to?

  6. Bow

    The network can keep this show on the air if they want to but don’t call it Knight Rider….because its far from it!!!

  7. They really sold out trying to be “hip” and “cool”. Disappointing.

    Here is my take on season 1 (with pics) if you are interested:

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